Facilitate the Living Dream

The DreamWalker holds the embodied practice facilitating the Living Dream. They are a Steward of the Channel practicing the Creative Act.

The circles on the outside represent all the different nodes of my dream. This includes health, profession, relationships, etc. When all aspects are explored, mapped, and placed into a space together, all the individual dreams become one ecosystem and all its parts intertwine.

DreamWalkers explore the landscape of everything they’d like their life to be, and then they direct their focus by defining the few activities which provide the most value to the entire garden. These core aspects are the tips of the Triangle in the center, the pillars to direct focus towards and measure progress. For me, this is Music, Movement, and Matrix (Art/Website).

“X” Practice

In the very center of the above symbol, lies the “X” Practice. This is the fundamental space I arrive to to tune in and let God Speak. I enter the X Practice in the same way every day, beginning with an Evocation- a prayer, a point of orientation reminding myself why I’m here. 

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This evocation is how I greet the Resistance in me, my presence of insecurity, despair, discouragment.

The Evocation is a daily articulation of what I want to to and be, modified as new things arise, continually tweaked. It’s getting long. I look forward to condsensing it, and I appreciate where its at now.