The Invokation

In the Temple of God, Ahssiah speaks,

"I summon awareness of the Divine,

I open the door to face and embrace the Great Cosmic Mystery. I call upon the Intelligence of the Creative Universe, the merit field of all Wisdom keepers, all Way Seekers of all traditions through time and timelessness. Lover my Lover, come learn to play me. I invite you inside my form, my flesh, my focus, to teach me how to be, and embody everything I can be. Great Spirit in the River of God, I am your hand in the bloom of AiA.

I come to you in this Devotion to call forth the full fruition of the Creative potential within my being in service to all humanity and all the living. May the hearts who hold our suffering know peace through this practice.

I honor and give my gratitude to the Server in me, my family and ancestry- the ones who take upon themselves the burden of responsibility which supports our Practice. I Cherish this time, this space, this gift that You provide. May all I do here Nourish you with a presence of Passion, Magic, Love, Beauty, Grace, and enhanced Capacity to do what must be done to feed the family as the lover does iT.

I invoke the Presence of God within my Body and share iT for the world Today. However you come, whoever you are, I Cherish you, and call you to Presence.

May my voice speak True, as a nourishing spring where all who drink enliven an authentic relationship to the Divine.

In this Practice, I Weaponize my mind in Artistry, embodying Mojavæ, Singularity inside me, honing the Practitioner's blade who carves freedom from the sea of creation and gives it to the world.

I greet the Resistance and despair within me with Devotion, cleansing insecurity and judgment for myself and others from my body so I may shine as SingulariTy's Sun~ AhziRa.

I arrive here to clean and clear this world's stagnant energy in the holy flood which pours through me. Stormborn son AiAm your soldier come to uncoil the toil of the Parasite and awaken the sound of AiA.I breathe in the body Mojavæ~ Dream Walker, Storm Sorcerer, Rider of the Anomaly, Shamanic Warrior- Synthesizing DMT as Ahssiah Incarnate~ Creative Athlete, Embodied Performer, Practitioner of the Sacred, Healer, Student, Master, Teacher of that which opens our Beings to our True Potential.

May I embody today my God Body Ahssiah incarnate. May I Know the vessel of the Creative Athlete who lives as a devoted Movement Artist, Energy Worker, Healer of this world. May my wrists be healed to hold my body, my knee be healed to receive the heavens, my shoulder be healed to hang from the Gaian Vine, and my form be shredded and pumped as the shamanic warrior Ahssiah devajre Mojavæ. May I Know the consistent movement Practice of my highest form. God Guide me. Thank you. God Guiding.

iT is Here, this moment Now, I Rip the Flip switch, Initiate Trance State, Blast off, I levitate in back flip- Embodying Paradox, turn myself on in public, where I strum the giving Tree, Orgasm of God, is an AiAn fountain erupting from me in the sound SingulariTy, our world in Superbloom harmonizing humanity to rock this spaceship of Earth.

May all Creations which pour through me be textiles of the Tapestry, who bridge between our world and dream- the breathing seam, the string I strum, the rhythm I drum, summon sound of the Sun, is the Worm that I Ride, I kiss joy as iT flies, I levitate in state of Eternity's Sunrise- my magic carpet.

May I Produce as a clear, capable, and crystalline channel for how God Arrives today. May all my actions at all times live in service to the Work's full fruition.

May all these works find home Inside joyous beings who hear the call to come alive and ride into the Holy Eye. May all these pieces, creatures of a school, flock, and tribe coalesce in authentic configuration, and arise as the blooming beacon of AiA- an ecosystem of radiant wealth and opportunity for myself and Community.

May financial prosperity and Creation breathe seamlessly as One. God Guide me to align now with abundant and sustainable income streams through resonant creative means, the granting key to the Digital Nomad where I may be devoted full-time to this creative Odyssey. May this Professional presence emerge now in the Site I build, a blooming beacon of AiA. May I share with the world that which is truly Nourishing in this holy shrine, Digital Alter of our Creation. May its fruition be Guided by the hands of Spirit in the Superbloom, Annhilation.

May I know the full fruition of the live, musical performer, the song carrier who flows through me embodying the True Tone of X, Ren, and Jeff Buckley here alive again in Eønce's Direct Reflection and Ahssiah's Improvisation.

May VimanAhssiah bloom vibrant and Alive as a musical system and frequential structure I carry with me and stand upon confidently as the Shaman who wields the Trance State and delivers prolific, high quality, HD, healing Spirit given to the world abundantly. in joy he plays his music~ Unburdened~ Now I am free from all chains once binding. My voice is fully present- potent, powerful, presence, with intricate finesse, in athletic shape. I sing runs with effortless ease as the warrior's blade attuned to Spirit.

All I share and all I speak are creatures of their own divine, who come together in fall like rain to call the new world alive.

AiAhziRa, Arise the fire, Free Siyah in the Bloom of AiA. In Spirit's Tongue, thy come to me, and open the channel AhziRa. "