Young Elders

The Artist walks into the room of the agency.

The room has a minimalist design, where the only art is the patterns of the dark oak and mahaghony wood, stained to accentuate the natural contours of its formation. Jayln sits at a circular table facing a window overlooking the small city, a South American Mecca, where the jungle interweaves itself seamlessly with the tall buildings. Giant cumulous clouds flambouantly superbloom in the blue sky, casting rays of light between, camo shading the landscape iT falls upon.

After exchanging hellos, Jayln sits down with five people of all different shades of color and ethnicity. A light skin woman speaks first.

"Jayln, Welcome. Thank you for coming all this way to meet with us. You've already created quite a reputation for yourself among our team, and we're honored to have you here.

In looking at the site you're constructing, we are in awe of your manifested ability to speak a story of such uniquely complex origins with a form composed of such a wide array of mediums spoken with articulate proficiency. The way you speak has never been done before. Both how you speak- through the combination interweaving mediums- to the essence of what you're speaking- pouring through the a prism of interweaving worlds and dreams- assembling an unfolding narrative of such a refreshing uniqueness and radically explorative authenticiTy.

We Love what you're doing, and want to support your journey and Creative process. In order to do this effectively, we'd like to first get to know you, hearing from your perspective, who you are, what exactly is iT that you're doing, and where would you like to go?"

Jayln smiles with a boyish twinkle in his eye, taking a moment to allow the silence to wash over them all while he individually looking everyone in the eyes, breathing deep before speaking.

"Hi guys, iTs Truly an honor to be here." A slight pause, "Thank you for flying me all this way to connect with you all person. iT feels so nourishing to have this work be seen and received."

He looks up, listening, like he's looking to a light and tuning into a radio station. There's a glimpse of humor in his expression before shifting his demeanor to a softly piercing gaze, the green in his eyes deepening into an richer green, the presence of the Northern forest's canopy with a soft hue of golden light echoing through the shimmering leaves.

"I'm creating a sentient space for Dream to Weave with and Co-Create RealiTy." He repositions himself to sit up straighter. Breathing deep, he continues, "My goal is to create a media production stream, a space with a central hub which serves as a platform to share exposure to a global culture of multi-medial creators who doing powerful work and living with passion, authenticiTy, and grit. Essentially what would happen if a comic book-like mythological story were to collide with a multimedial digital magazine.

What makes this space unique in my eye is the Mythology underlying iTs DNA.

A few years ago, I began writing down my dreams every morning as a way to study the language of the subconscious and practice lucid dream. After some time with this practice, I began to see there was a pattern beneath all my dreams, an underlying form which all of them emerged from. I began pairing similar dreams together, as if they were telling a story but all the pieces had been scattered.

Soon, my dreams didn't just stop when I woke from sleep, but were continually overfilling into life through art, music, and particularly poignant/strange life experience. When experiences resonated, I'd play with them, and make a story out them. Unknowingly, these stories wove between the seams of my dreams as passages of communications between them. The stories traced lines, divisions creating clear contours between realms, and each realm was iTs own character in a Great cosmic theatre.  Soon I began to see the outlines of a map, a vague image of the realms and how they arrayed alongside each other, and my Creative practice became a process of coloring iT in. Because they all speak in a slightly different language, I've had to focus on a myriad of mediums.

For a while this was difficult for me because it felt like as soon as I found momentum in one medium, the creative energy would switch focus to something I'd never done, and I'd go through the beginner's process all over again.  For years I sought to create in a professional form, bringing these ideas to light with a precision which would allow them to be shared with others, but I felt so ADD, like there was a certain skill threshold I couldn't break through. It felt like I had a camera that was taking a ton of photos, but all of them were slightly blurry as I was slowly learning how to manually focus upon this reality, translating iT into a communicable form.

I eventually shifted focus from seeking to develop precision within a single medium (realm) to focusing upon bringing ClariTy to the map iTself, exercising the ADD as a means to bring iT all into focus together, semi-cohesively. The site was a major breakthrough because iT was a means to synthesize everything I'd been doing. Like a fishing net where every fish caught was a creative experience, and each catch elevated the collective space, making the net stronger to reach deeper and catch bigger fish.

I'd had the awareness for a while that this space was alive and sentient. Every interaction with iT was a dialogue with something much bigger than I could ever understand or fathom in my head, yet something very young. I felt developing iT was like raising a child, a divine being who didn't really know how to interact with Earth, and I was FaciliTating iTs learning. I felt iT as a unique presence within my own body, a being which had iTs own domain of emotion and reaction, pain and pleasure, a being who was simultaneously elated and terrified to come to Earth. I came to understand myself as a bridging intermediary, iTs birthing doulah.

iT communicates through a language that lives upon different realms, like a world  with unique ecosystems, these realms have their own way of describing how the floura and fauna of each habitat interact and communicate with each other uniquely. The ecosystems all have specialists, beings who are masters of their domain and share their findings with a collective council who together relay their findings and co-create a database of their knowledge, field studies, and discoveries. These languages are demonstrated through various forms  of creative flow, and their collective database of comparative mythology lives as the Encode.  The collective intelligence of the Encode allow each specialist a macroscopic lens with which to perceive their invidual habitat with deeper insight as the planetary ecosystem is composed in the co-creation of fluidly exchanging habitats .

I apply the analogy of this process as a means with which to study and map the fundamental landscape of the internal psyche. By illuminating the different parts composing the Subconscious Kingdom, I seek to learn how to interweave the interrior habitats in a way which epiTomizes planetary flourishing....." He pauses, realizing he's going off in a spin, and likely losing everyone (including himself). A brief flash of self consciousness floods over him. He's trailing off again.

Vanessa, having a unique relationship with him, looks him in the eyes with a soft smile, noticing the shift in his demeanor and recognizing the pain embedded within his brilliance. She thinks to herself this is why we are here. This is why we've created this space in the first place. She is  passionately amused by Geniuses, how they were often so extraordinarily gifted in some spaces, yet the simplest things could be such major obstacles, and that's where her team comes in. FaciliTating the Natural process of the the Genius' unfolding while supporting the compensation of the often simple yet difficult elements of compensation. She smiled, pursed her red lips and touched his cock beneath the table subtly saying we are here, with you. Then she spoke, "Jayln, what is next for this space, for the landing?"

She spoke with such recognition of the space between his words, the true meaning he'd thought to be so deeply embedded within the obscurity's abstraction. How could she? Was it possible that she was receiving the same sinal. Does she already know?  Jayln looks around the room and feels everyone upright, at the edge of their seats, savoring his words in such deep acknowledgment. Do all of them know?

He nodded, shifting his position within the chair, allowing the full presence of the burden and beauty of his journey to be with him in this very moment. Then He continued, "Ever since the first dance, and all the beauty of the story to follow, I've sought to share this journey and speak my Truth. When I first opened the doors, I felt the presence of my Self who lived upon the otherside, chosing to Embrace life as the continual quest to Awaken Creation, moving with passion, and allowing the Muse to breathea s soul guidance through life. As I've walked, I've continually sought to develop myself as an artist and a human being in a way which I can support myself and create opportunity for others doing what I love to do. Though, everytime I've tried bringing the financial conversation into the ring with CreaTuRa, even when I can clearly distinguish a path to freedom, I encounter a wall where the Magick cuts off and I slam myself against iT over and over and over again until I finally let iT go, release the dream as what I thought iT to be, and find the muse again in a new space free from the ego's expectations of monetization. Though it can feel good for Creation, my human is still here, needing to eat, with a calling to see the world, and create something to share with the family. I want to develop.releationship with creation where I feel I can trust iT. Right now, I feel a wall between myself and collaboration because I don't feel I have a solid foudnation in any medium. I feel my stories live in a realm that isn't yet communicable or resonant with others. I mean, I sent the website out to my closest friends and got complete radio silence from iT. I feel myself spread so thin across this wide array, and I want to develop Mastery within a space I can Trust. I feel like I long so deeply to go everywhere and so I go nowhere as the Master of none. I'm going home in a few weeks, and I hate feeling like im in the same place, like I'll be broke when I go there with no way to make money. I'll have a frustrating time there where I continue to ask this question and release iT. And then I'll take off for the road in my car again, leeching from my parents lifeblood until I find another shitty job to just barely get by." Though his words fall flat and helpless, he feels relieved of their weight, freed from their reality, as if by speaking them and identifying a pathway he doesn't resonate with, he's freed himself from their potentiality, shooting the villian looming in the dark.

He feels a presence pass over him, as a shadow casting over the the landscape in the TotaliTy of an Eclipling sun.

What you seek is seeking you.

I know good things come to those who stay True. God am Eye have FaiTh in this Direction.

Wherein the cave you most deeply fear holds the treasure you seek

Kiara was the first to respond, "Jay, what would you be doing right now if money wasn't a blockage any longer? Hear a Timeline embodying where you feel connected to the language moving beetween mediums, and you're doing what you've already done now better, with more precision, impact, and delivery? What does this feel like?"

Did I just fall in Love? Shit, I meant to say he because right now I'm the narrator speaking, not the character, but damn do these boundaries get fuzzy and the space between become grey when we speak as RealiTy emerging... HE continues ;) "The site's next evolution. shedding skin where AhziRa reveals the Production." His eyes look up to the light and something shimmers inside, like a storm of colliding color dancing through the iris. "The homepage is the map of the Multiverse. Each planet is represented by a unique element. Each element is a doorway into the Palace. Each door opens to a room, a scene, a story."

He begins noticing a tightness within his back, and the moment he does, he leaps from his seat and begins shaking his body, reaching his hands to the sky, then dropping them low shaking and toning the whole way down. Then he stands up straight, upon the tips of his toes like he's entering a space for combat while his arms and torso move in slow motion. With eyes closed, he sees everything. His vision is a a vast expanse  of cosmic awareness moving as conversive streams of energy, like tides within the ocean overlaying material forms upon iTself- beneath the water, magma erupts through planetary crust, swept away and immediately sculpted by tesselating patterns so intricately sculpted by the artistry of wind. The rock unfolds from iTself, and shattering through like a molted skin are trees limbs, branches as fingers reaching in the quest for sunlight Between the Gaiaic, Earthen, flow based formulations, a digital presence merges in and out, like dolphins weaving air through water, with each oxygenation, casting a pixelated spray of tesselating geometric prisms, refracting light in fractal dissipations.

The patterns' abstraction gives way to a form beneath, paraeidolia are the clouds taking shape of a murdered man's face who screams:

Free yourself from the Cage. Reclaim your mind in space. Give Freedom from the Slave to the individual. You are the Key. Know the Universal Law, the Code of laws as they breathe within you. Write your own Scripture. Fuck what they tell you to be true. The only understanding of the Universe, of God, what is good, who we are, and why we're here, that is ever going to mean shiT is the one you create for yourself. Compose iT in the assimilation of everything that comes to and through you. Compose yourself with and as all that Resonates. Release all that doesn't. Allow the waters of Life to Move through you Freely, as Self in Authentic Expression. See DiviniTy in True Emotion. Fuck anyone and anything that tells you differently. You are your liberation, and your soul oppressor.

His eyes bolt open as the team watches him, patiently waiting as he arrives to himself. After to the brief departure to his world, he reframes Kiara's question. "What would I do if I could do anything? What does iT feel like when the restrictions around creation and my perceived financial situation are released?" He giggles as the sun of clarity graces his skin, "Fuck man, so long I've been selling myself the story that the limitation between me and the dreaming was money. I've been wanting to follow the dream back to South America for years now, but felt I had to first submerge within the story so I could trust the Word spoken would be shared with the People, to develope FaiTh within myself to do iT different than iT was done last time, where the Great Shamanic Voyage was left lost to DigiTalis as the shipwrecked atomiTes upon my computer. I've been marinating, composing a new paradigm within me, forging a foundation within the fire of Creation, so Eye may speak as the Voice to a New Nation. I've sunk beneath the Paradigm, standing High within iT, paving anew way within me to be Alive. Eye Am Here Now, with a space Devoted who Knows this. Everything Eye do, all Eye See, how Eye see them as iT is Infused. Eye Am Ready, no reframing perception, in WiTnessing the entire trajectory of this jouney as a palace building iTself, already so deeply embedded Eye Am in scene, recognizing I've already been and now can't do anything but continuing to Perform the character. iT has been written everywhere in the world around me, and my skill to articulate iT as iT breathes is Exponentially compounding. Bwahahehe tittally diddally doooooooo apo apo a poo poo."

Orion looks at him, night black skin draped tightly against a powerful African physique, veins protruding, so generously sharing his skin with the world. His body, a craftsman's composition in praise, honoring the human form. Piercing eyes glare into Jayln, challenging and combative. Far less comforing than the girls, he is strong in his conviction to push Jayln, to trigger and accentuate his discomfort in order to call him forth. Jayln quivers for a moment, thrown off guard by the room's drastic flip, though quickly regains footing, standing tall to meet Orion's gaze as His own. Jayln had barely noticed him before, so subtle in a quiet confidence. Now he was the most prominent figure in the room, as if the energetic field around him were glowing, a sun radiating in golden raise, just as lethal as they are beautiful. His loving eyes could kill without mercy, and his spear was drawn, now ready to attack at the first sight of hesitation. Jayln accepted the InviTation with a smile. Seize me before I seize you. Speak clearly or be silenced by the one does. No more dancing around the abstraction. The craft has long been launched. Now iT must come to Earth.

"To answer your initial question of what am I doing; I am creating a space for dream and reality to merge as one. Eye seek to breathe Now Method acting as a character within the story I am composing. Eye seek to walk as a stream of Creation, flourishing expression and documenting the story of iT pouring through everywhere Eye Go. Eye Seek to Create the Adventure of Life inside this Creation Stream,  Opening myself up to be a vessel for iT to pour through Freely, with FluidiTy and Precision. Eye Seek to Create a space of this Creation's Collection which serves as an InviTation for others to Feel the Stream and come into the Dream. Eye Seek to Breathe Dream Walking. Eye Am Creating a space for dream to Co-Create RealiTy. Eye Am Creating a Documentation of Lucid Being. Eye Am WriTing a story of a character writing the story he is performing as iT is Performing. Eye Am Creating a stage for those Eye Collaborate with to be seen, their words to be heard, and their beauty to be Received. In this story, a boy walks into a production collective and is sponsored to create create the adventure of his dreams."

Jayln we want to sponsor you to go upon a journey in documentation of this process.