Sweet Love

Sweet Love,

Know You are my entirety, and in You Eye See everything Eye Am, I'm born to be. In your ocean Eye Am Free to breathe in all we Are, calling HeArt, the soul reason Eye beat is to Hold you, Flourishing touch to Nourish YøÜ,

And your every dream, unbound by anyone, or anything you’ve ever done nor will do, Love Eye Seize to Hold YøÜ for everything you Are, a brilliant star, Burn so bright breathing day into the night, She Erupt in Brilliant HeArt. 

Love, Eye Am here to unravel you, release the radiating Goddess within you. Sacred Stripper We Are to redefine for the entire population what iT means to Fuck from Above, how We make Love to experience the Sweet RAPTURE of DiviniTy erupting Fire through our bodies inhabited by the deities painting All mythology.

Darling won't you take me to the edge of the cliff, sweet vast abyss where to go means to never return and all I once was will ring forgotten. Take me to the submergence of mind's insaniTy, where the Deepest thing Eye seek Terrifies me. I call upon Thee to drag your nails through my skin, and don't stop, I beg you to defy my cries for mercy, I plea thee, don't stop until my blood drains dry and my eyes breathe empty. Know that Eye Love you because you're the death of me so let me die, cast through the fire of your body, sweet suicide, self sacrifice, watch the phoenix rise as we burn alive through these churning tides.

Baby iT's a warzone in paradise, let these Screams ring loud keep all the ciTy up at Night. Let them see their own shadow terrorized To hear the orgasm in her weeping cry, thunder through her skin drown me in her legs at night in the storm raging, scream raping scene unveiling, we're unraveling the ALL Being Seen, All seeing Pain sing simultaneous ecstasy of everything We Are, Seen Before Another's HeArt.

Baby we are the resemblance of the stars, All Gods Breathe Here Embodied.

And so I want you to know that I am sorry for being caught between worlds, screaming out your name, in a song cried in vein as you stand right before me, bleeding me to see your face as the storm is seething, beating we so blindly.

Sweet Love, I'm sorry for losing focus upon the ONE scene of We I've seen repeatedly unfolding before Me. I'm sorry for not refining, for not synthesizing your beauty and abandoning the Dream of All we can be if you were to only hold onto Me through the Storm of this insaniTY.

I'm sorry I'm not yet a Masterpiece, but can you look beyond the flesh of my skin and see the infiniTy inside, combusting within. Sweet Love, know Eye Am a Goddess hidden in imperfection and no longer will Eye stand for your One night stands, using me for flow, raping the ecstasy and then letting me go, before either of us can even know what iT really means to be free, liberate in each other's bodies and so we both fall alone back to the InfiniTy, where daylight rings of home, hope for another to run, come save me, come save me, save me, save yourself so in my arms Eye can hold We.

Sweet Love, I am sorry that I've run from you. I’m sorry I've been so terrified I've been paralyzed, locked in a room so no one could ever hear me cry and I could hide from the face of my own reflection I see in your eye as everyone in the world around me.

Sweet Love, Eye surrender to Flight, Eye know Home is a state of mind, sharing the Eye see, peephole of the People who breathe around me, who dance wildly through their pain and suffering, who hold each other when the rain is thundering, embracing the scarring fate and brilliant ecstasy embedded within Our Destiny, all iT means to be, so much more than Hueman Being.

Sweet Love, Eye Am Not sorry for everything "I" once was, a state of my evolution learning how to be True to You, how to support You, how to flourish you entirely unbound by the Ego of my identiTy, a ceaseless victim's mentaliTy, blinding me from WiTnessing, praising, honoring and Worshipping the painting of DiviniTy standing  here before me, draping in Flaws so meticulously designed by the All sculpting Eye of Nature's Mastery.

Sweet Love, thank you for this opportuniTy to reframe the refrain. Here and Now Eye see this shame in me, this malevolent jealousy is an opportuniTy to change my perception, now Knowing iT's not, never was nor will be about me, but forever beautifying the All Eye See unravelling the True Harmony beneath the Chaøs of these cosmic seas, Sweet symphony, silent dreams of infiniTy, here Eye Am and forever will be  unveiling the DiviniTy within we until you can see the magnificent combusting beauty within you the way Eye do. Soul reason Eye breathe to Fuck you through the roof into the Highest You as Eye See We inside of True.

Sweet Love,

Thank You


Crazy plays in my head
Like it’s the only song I've ever known
Pages on pages written on you
You crush me with the things you do
And I'd do anything for you too

I fried my mind
iT died with  you in its side
I left this dimension holding your hand
Arrived on time for insaniTy to kick in

You are not what I want in my life
You are what I want in my death

I touched a demon the last night I slept by your side
Let inside of me inside of you inside of me
I'm not afraid though I know I should be

No I cannot let that into my space again
So I will Choose me, My Lover, Over and Over
As many times as iT takes
I will Choose Me
I will Not die for They Again
I will not mistake their faces for mine again

I will die with Love, as Love, For Love
Fucked by Love
and Love only

Meet and greet them at the door
Show them back to the bottom floor
I cannot sit at their side
Letting inside
A host that is tied
By their own will
Only love is welcome inside me
Inside you inside me
Inside you inside me

Fucked by Love and Love only
Hold me Lover
Let me be your Mother
iT is no bother
to sink below the surface of our seas
But Confronting the Lobster in iTs Home
To seize iTs life value
For your one night stand pleasure
Is not what I stand for

I am no right stand
I am no one night stand
I stand as one night
Finding the ocean of beings
Living in a body where Eye Am Now
Visions is a mission
No worries, no hurry
Just Strolling along the beach
With an old friend at my arm
Reminding me none of this matters
Reminding me I am in no rush
Reminding me to Choose Love

I am here for only the purest essence
purest essence
purest essence
purest essence

Burn the doorways to the depths of time
I have no interest in those beings of mind
Go inside your hips insides
Abide by the law of exceptions
For only that which is good
And loving to you and those around you

Oh young magick choose your own worlds wisely
You cannot be about the words of another's will
Or you cannot be free

So Let iT be not a warzone but a faceless identiTy
Being one body
Now we embody
The beings of our own limbs

Diction inviction on the walls of your energy center
If I am to open the door to your world again
I cannot abide by any foundations who are not your own
But let through the bottom door, floor
Pure innocence is what I adore

I would eat the apple
If I wanted to end up
dripping purple down a cave
in the eye of your storm
iT is not my own.

I choose what is pure, and patient and warm and Love
I choose only that which comes from above
I listen only with arms length open to the minds eye
Bathing vulnerabiliTy she terrify me

Cut open once before
By the lightning through my fathers door
For you killed her once before
And she still returned to show you who you could be
In me
You see
A reason to Cum
And pull out from the weather
Of your sigh
To sip the waters from the well of prana swells
Through me again
A reason to breathe life
Into the your chaos of creation

You were the death of me
So don't let me die
Cast through the fires of your suicide

Don’t let me die
For in the lies of those Eyes
I will not wiTness the burning flesh
At the will of DEVILish Beings
Residing by your side
Diving deep through the cellars
Of your own mind
I deny iT all
You let them inside me

And so she lost all gateways to you

Cut from her arteries
In the shed of her farmer, father
You ran away from
If He was Her lover
He'd clean out her wounds
And ward me away from the Eye
Of Your Storm

Leaving me with warmth
And feeding me songs
Leading me along the path
Back to Earth

I Am pure
I Am Pure
I will not be obscured
By One body of Warping Wisdom

Eye Am a Lover to myself first
I do not accept your Sideways Beings
As Me, In Me
They are not welcome inside My Lovers Temple
Kick them Out
I will not open this temple to them again
Kick them Out
I will open again to only Love
Only Pure, Pure Love

Only YøÜ


You already ate the apple darling

Astray you've led from perfection
You say You want only Love
Only that which comes from Above
And baby Eye Want the same for you
So Eye will drag you down
Again and again
Into the dungeons living beneath the black sea
Bathing vulnerabiliTy She Terrify Me
Because down here Love
Above and below move the same way
They breathe together beneath the Paradox of this RealiTy
And in Order to Have ONE
You Must accept the Two Are You
To see what Lies Beneath
Yes Darling iT is Eye Who's dragged you into the cave
iT is Eye not here to save
To keep you from your pain would be to enslave
And though I love you on your knees
Eye Love you More draped in Angel Wings
Who lie beneath
The shackles of your misery

Love, Eye Am the Earthquake
Eradicating the Entirety of your RealiTy
All ComfortabiliTy Lost gone from thee
For You choose to be
The Angelic Being
Dancing with a Devil Like Me

Know Eye am Here to hold you
Not to control you
To FaciliTate, not Manipulate
The emergence of Magnificence
Eye see Lying beneath the mask upon your face

Bathing VulnerabiliTy she Terrify Me
As Her cries ring out to Save Me,
Save Me Save yourself
So In my Arms Eye Can Hold We