In Her Body of Eden

A Fallen Son

The forest is a quiet coffin, still before sky fall.

Beautiful boy, so barely beyond a baby, runs, giggling, tickling the ground in naked feet, watching the wind wave, painting sways through the billowing grass between trees, a breathing song and dance of the blooming spring.

Prince Ahzira, cast from His DiviniTy. One Consciousness, One Being, One Stream's Remembering fragments infintesimally. One tone to shatter memory.   The symphony's disease, falls into chaotic dissaray, all instrumentation individually blinded,  hurling through eternity divided, desperately oblivious to their collaboration.

A boy falls to Earth, exploding into being, boiling skin in blood wretching scream. RealiTy shimmering, terretically fractaling, fragmenting fear through his naked body- seething, skitzophrenically seizing , eyes dig deep, fetally clenching between his knees as the storm scream rains rapture through his shivering body.

So young, where innocence is silken in soft skin, hair once blond just beginning to discover its new youth in pigmentation.

Electricity spewing from his skin in splitting veins, swarming his body in horror's hoard of leaching locusts, baring paths of burning flesh, where exahustion animates abusive walkways of  the Ancient, hellsent, a cryptik language.

The sweetness of a mother's milk lay laden on his lips, Nature's first embrace in suckling her sweetest kiss, a hand too small to hold a fist, where innocence is cozy in the solace of her cradling.

Blood shot eyes, so Alive, where inside a thunderstorm He Lie, shivering in convulsing lighting brewing a universe eaten alive by the black hole in center I. He never wanted to cum inside. Far too much energy for the young body to hide, so his SpiriT rejected, aggressively re-enters, forcibly reinhabitting the body, now pained, imprinted, imprisoned, inseparably in Love.

The Venom's inducing.

A Well spring of Self- rich, oxygenated lifeblood infusing the body so rapidly iT is a poison. Lifestream. Tsunami are the walls of all sides capsizing. Storm eyes burn black where teeth and nail are fang.

Where Venom is iTs only Antidote.

Release in Chain

AhziRa  x  Vince ANgelinø

A Desert storm screams in sand streams spewing across the dune enshadowing.  
The Walker enters iTs HeArt, where Lightning Breathes,
fractaling seas of realities,
fragmenting scenes of the Eye who seas beneathe the Tide
Catch the Flame in Cradling sky
Cast the Dream Emitting Eye
All the world once held to hide
the High to Penetrate the Waking Mind