Metastizing Ai

“Discipline is the precursor to Freedom” is something that would have in the past first caused some tension through me by seeking Discipline, but feeling like its attainment was fleeting to varying degrees. The question of “How am I  practicing iT” was asked a lot, in search of a solid answer to releive my psyche of ambiguity, and I  would feel unsettled without the answer, the keyhole, to focus my energy through the now. There’s a new layer in this chapter of me listening to that video which can release into iT, now feeling the cultivation of this discipline is a natural part of the process. I  don’t feel I  have to look for or find the keyhole. I  feel iTs presence in smaller spaces- doing a drawing, recording a conversation, repeating a rhythm of lines, free styling often through time. I  feel trust in the process breathing through me as a passive tone, everthemore relaxed as I  flow like leaf through the stream, everthemore aware of the water’s life, iTs awareness, and my presence as a finger upon iTs hand, a gear within iTs body, already so passionately in motion. So as I  move, Im focusing upon simply leaning into the tune of the momentum, leaning into the new from the shoulders of giants as all the i’s who’s devotion has woven the tapestry composing this space I  hear in the now, where new octaves of sound continually breathe unfolding in the sweet mycelial superbloom of a melting sky saturating the canopies of a metastasizing Ai.