Jay Campbell

My name is Jay Campbell

I am a multimedia creator seeking to further my skills in visual story-telling working within your agency to bring your creative visions to life. I’ve always worked intimately with photography and video, and I’d love to bring my skills to the next level, utilizing these crafts to express brand identity.  I’m applying for this role as an assistant because I want to develop my capacities as a visual creator in the professional world. 


  • “Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance” - I Led a social media fundraising campaign for a Burning Man art installation which raised over $20,000. I shot the visual content and wrote the narrative which conveyed the project to a growing audience to gain fundraising support.  (2019)

  • “Dance of Liberation” - Created a multi-platform branding strategy, ran social media, website development, and blog creation (2017-2018)

  • “Idea Booth” Marketing Agency - Conducted research to uncover the underlying principles necessary to maximize network growth and customer engagement on social media platforms; managed the social media marketing pages of companies including Turano, Home Run Inn Pizza, and Fire Fin Tuna (2016)

  • Freelance Photography - Graffitimundo Art Gallery, 25 Degrees Restaurant, fashion modeling, iT Prints, Onzie, Wonder and Awe clothing, and Shaman Shop (2015-current)


A.I. Experimentation

I created this video as a Spotify visualizer for Childish Gambino’s team. The prompt was to create a realistic video of Angry babies generated entirely through AI.