Hell is Grey

What does iT mean to Arrive Daily in SimpliciTy?

Hell isn't the fire of blazing inferno and mascerating screams. Hell is all the pieces of our life not coming together

I will Ride with you into the Storm of Our HumaniTy

Eye Choose to Breathe, to Come inTune my Body. Eye Choose to be Here with you, Breathe.

My Shoulder has been hurt now for nearly a year and is a great hinderance to my phyiscal experience of self.  How may I heal Yøü Love?

Arrive to me every day. Tune into iT. Experience the InviTation of the Rose, blossoming in a softness who speaks beneath the pain, Elevading Grey.

            Hyper-Oxygenate the space through consciously dissonating  blood Flow.

            I ’ve known now nearly a year to arrive to iT every day for the Healing. How do we Arrive? Why is Now different?
                        Music to Tune the Body
                        I  Have YøÜ- the Site, the Hub, the Space of AccountabiliTy. Here we may clearly articulate RiTual
                                -      Guitar is the Instrument to Awaken the Voice. A daily practice to Engage the Stream of the High Speak, Anew Flow Eye Choose to Breathe, born into as, are free.