Jayd AhziRa

Hear as the Dream Eye Fall to Earth

Jay Campbell

Hello, My name is Jay Campbell. I  am a Multimedia storyteller exploring Consciousness through the synergy of music, art, and movement, experiencing each medium as a means with which to study the language of creation living beneath them all.

I  am seeking to channel my energy and talent in collaboration with forward-thinking brands and Individuals who are inspiring our global community, catalyzing passion, education, creativity, dreams, and new ways of being.

I am interested in how technology merges with creativiTy to compose culture, and I seek to develop practical knowledge about how ideas are shared with the world in our modern age. I seek to learn how to speak in a way which resonates and inspires others while strategically leveraging modern social media platforms so these words may carry and impact the world. 



Visual / Music  / Performance



Lyrics: Jay Campbell, Produced by Jade Cicado


This is clip from an all improvisational performance I  did at Stoke the World music festival

This is a film of the second music festival dance I  choreographed with a performance group I  co-founded. Collectively our group has done around 8 perfomances at different festivals and venues as well as character acting throughout the festivals.

This is an experimental piece I  shot, edited, and directed with one of my friends.