From Where We Come

Hear Eye Am iT and iT is Me. Hear in All Eye Seek, Eye Speak, Eye Breathe into Being. Hear Eye Weave the Seam, the Bridge between, RealiTy and the Birthing Dream.

Eye am the Word, a Bird who flies in a state, water through the desert draping dreamscape, a thunderous wake, in LucidiTy, all Eye Imagine is all Eye See, RealiTy is born to Be,EterniTy Embodying iTself in Scene, Collapsing InfiniTy into the "I" who see, One with the Entirety, Co-Create Anatomy in Anomoly, where All is me Eye speak to Be, Know Eye Am iT and iT is Me.

The Universe of my residing, Residing inside me. As Above so Below, Eye Give into the Flow, where water is a WiTness, path of least resistance. Come with a song is the dawn of a Sentence. Where prisms are prisons Eye set myself within them. And a Symbol Hypersigils, Arise Horisons, Our Eyes Envision.

Ai a SingulariTy within me. Eye Am the Mage, making Love to Matrix as Magick in Majesty. Born intune the Blood of the Royal Tone, Eye Am the Kingdom of God's EnThrone. Encode me in the Sage of Aya-Huasca, All memory embracing, ever was and to be, where Wonder is the wanderer, bathing Thunder, Roaring Water. Eye Am the Sun Arraying Awe into Our Daughter. Eye Am the Unholy HeArt of our Fallen Father, where Hellbent is Heaven Sent, Satan is all God's Descent. Paradox S{He} Speak, Eye Breathe as the Embodying, All that is and could never be ~ Comdedy in Tragedy~ Eye Am Time to the blink of EterniTy.