The Hundreds

Welcome to the Hundreds, a 100 day Journey of arriving to Creation. Everyday, one self portrait, one shattering of a reflection within any medium, for 100 days. I  embarked upon this voyage after seeing some of my favorite visual artists do “everyday’s”. Android Jones did 100 self portraits for 100 days, and iT seems there is no better way to learn how to do something, to become something, as we are what we do everyday. I  wanted to partake in the challenge a form that felt True to me and celebrated my multimedial expression. At the same time, I ’ve struggled learning how to focus my energy, directing iT into a small space over time to develop mastery. I ’ve felt myself become a dancer of many and master of none, and I  wanted to cultivate a deeper level of focus in specificity. I wanted to cultivate skill and relieve myself from ambiguity. Music was the most prominent language speaking through me at the time, and sought to become more fluent in iTs presence. So I  tailored the challenge into two foundations: Everyday, I  would output something, some form of Tangible expression demonstrating the Arrival to the Floor each day- this allowed me to build something over time and see the fruit of my laborings. The second part was a musical experience. iT didn’t matter what, just that I  arrived to play music in the day alongside the Output (not that the output had to be musical). So each day was spoken to the tune of a musical experience.   

The Important thing about these days was the act of Arriving to them, to iT, to Evolution. The Hundred Day Journey pushed myself Creatively, brought me to the healm of my ship by releasing me from caring what I  create, just that I  create. Simple the acting of showing up is the win. What shows up is not of my control nor do I  care for iT to be. And so some days I  literally said “fuck this shit, I  hate this” and other days I  was bathed in Creation’s Magick. Both battles won. There were a few days I  missed through the process. I  took a few trips where I  didn’t have computer access, so I  just made sure to write something down and post for the day on the day. There were also a few days where I  did not create, and they were given days of silence, but they were given a Space to say nothing, and this was key. 

Some days, the Arrival would be a Curation from something I ’d written or an art piece I ’d created before. These pieces were typically just buried in my computer drives, and iT felt absolutely beautiful to reach inside and rescue these parts of me that had meant something at the time. Retrieving them and bringing them to this central space where all could live together is, was, and will forever such a gift to me everywhere along my timeline, now doing justice and giving love to the whole journey. 

Overall, this Journey was one of the best things I ’ve ever done for myself. As all the pieces were arranged in their hundred, certain groups of content through the temporal stream made iT clear they wanted to live together, they belonged together, and so I  gave them space, and the spaces formed families and the families were stories, and the stories were a story. A forever story of the Journey’s Unfolding. I  feel I’ve only just begun the process learning how to speak. The modalitie and methods with which I  articulate through time will evolve. How, where, why, and with whom iT speak through, will be the Mystery of this Eternal quest unfolding. May iT be one of wonder in catalyzing celebration of Becoming Alive.

The Following are the FruiT of the Endeavoring: