Elevading Grey

A Paradox iT seems, this space in me,
to Hear doors who speak through silence

Black in WhiTe, We weave as the InfiniTy between, a Universe of Stories, whose stories speak unseen, as time bleeds, Our world cascades from the emanating Dream, unfolding scenes in seam who sing the entire journey's never-ending. Where Day Falls into the Cradling Night, to Know Heaven's hands holding the Devil's Freight. Reaching out through mine, to touch you, to taste you, feel you as the everything around me, waterfalls in ecstasee sands slow-slipping hands missing every piece, once screaming for a ceasing sanity, so ravenously, unfathomably empty, frenzied to feed, though no matter how much I eat, I will never greet, the taste of your lips as I Take your Blood in Meat-

Me in the Light of the Name, as Lover's beckon to the insane, whose mothers fall to me in vain, where is the Truth that He'll never say, when he die to run away, I try to cease the day, seen to be swept away, where in the Fantasy i LeviTate. Grieve the Traveler is a Damning Fate, whose eyes know home in a far away state, whose eyes are unknown by those who stand, by his side, a bed of lies, in a sacrificial suicide, Drowning in the Holy waters of the Mad Man's Paradise...

Lover come home she say so let me die,  Here where the Paradox seethes, see Rapture upon my body baby burn and let iT breathe, So Lovely iT is to Be, the Harmony to Destiny, where One is the Eye of the Making.

Here where the nets break and I lose control, where the "I " lets go so prone to flow, forever free falling through the InfiniTy, in Synergy, where there is no Earth here underfeet, and no safety of fertility, no city to seek the somebody to save me, enslaving.

So take Flight as The Warriors who take fight, Free Falling into the Sage Sight, Angel eyes intune the State Light who cradle into the Demon Night. Lover come inside, lay Naked is the Blade who never Hide, Making Love as the Earthing Mage, Magick harnessing the Rage, who've burned your cities ablaze, A call to the King enslaved, unshackling the chains of Daze, who craze the maze, long lost scene to be swept away, stand strong in State, We Speak the Day, and Pierce the Space. from nothing, Eye Awake, WhiTe lightning, Make Fate, Fuck Dreaming, CREATE.

Come Alive, let iT die, within a Lie, disidentify,

If iT is a Lie to be Alive, Know the Truth will set you Free. Not Black nor white, where they bleed, the journey lay a space between, anew domain see so obscene, where I remember who you are to me.

Naked hands rain rivers through your hair, tracing canyons where water flow, a synergy to Soothe me in silken skin forever-never there, beyond the doubt of a drought, sadomasochistic concoction lay everywhere. And only when the desert dry seems to sea to be the die, whispering winds in empty eye, weave the ocean of our thunder's sky, whose lightning cascades, so soft down sinewy thighs, are waters who Breathe, Ablaze, Baby, Bathing me Alive.