Day 6: Effortless


Day 1: Embodying at PJ's, the motion of Kings who enter the space silently. Allergies are a killer, as the walker rewires his Circuitry, tuning intune the

Day2: Morning Arise. Relesase the notion of needing to break through the Threshold*. Move.  Just Move. Without Expectation, Tantrically arriving to the Session with Tumeric, Cayenne, coconut oil, cinnamon, honey coffee. Breath is all I care to speak to. Naturally iT greets Core strength. Hell.

Day 3*:High so very good for me. Real High at Her requesiTing, after all, She is the One who's spoken the Call to be Here, together forever my dear, in the Hundreding days, We Greet the Fear, the space i seem to be continually letting go of... me. Hear we Are. High. So Very High Eye See. Movement is the Mage's Matrix {GliTching so Spledidoriphically} in Motion is the Ocean falling in fried-frizzling framings flipping scenes in Seam we Speak in Synergy so Incompleting. All Fall free Ball Out. Release. Water's are MediTations in UnMediating MediocriTea.

Day 4*: Anxious. Madness. Seething Frustration, not having the space to Create, to free my body in madenning Music. I feel the thoughtstreams knotting. The Storm Scream so subtly screaming. Time to go. I leave, fly to MDO getting High, so very high all along the way. Arrive to greet the space and see a bleeding tree, sweet lover who has done this to thee? I'm sorry for my human family. I sit, drawing you inTune, a gracing Eye Cast to you. Half page, lines of anew mage, strangely seams, first time in a long time we've spoken Truly. My body is tired. I climb, feeling led within the system, so reluctant to Move, so hesitant to do. I perch in a new branch, a birds nest, curl up, say I've arrived and done my best. This is enough. I'll do a lap and go home, count this experience for a loss. {**** Here's the flip****}

Eye asks thyself what iT would be to Win this Time, this Tide of Now?

In SimpliciTea iT speaks to me, merely awakening the body, crossing the THRESHOLD in a Breathing Sweat. As iT Speaks, I see a branch forever before Unseen. High Eye, InviTing He to Rise High, Receive the Gracing to Become Anew Being. I climb, I fly, mothafuckin, Tarzanin through the branches bathing me in the sweet rays of sunlight and wind through my face, souring upon the Vines, making Love ot Gaia, as Eye Ride the Stride, Fuck the Virgin in Tide, IgniTe to Greet the Sky, see Angels fingering the Demon's Holy Bride. Take me Babayyy I Run, further than I've ever gone before, barefeet flying down Sand Dunes, Cascading Nakedly into the Ocean__Maaaammmaaa'sWomb__ Eye Unfuck the Baby In Freezing Waters I Breathe oh so very Comfortably. God Lives as the Eye of the Hurricane, Silence Amidst the Hellscream, Release, so effortlessly, Eye ease into the Body's Trip out, freaking circuitry, Create a space of calm inside me, so slowly residing in silent InfiniTy, a Subtle Tea, Sweet Synergy, HarmonEyes the All are We.

Day 5*: She leaves, a moment to Breathe, free flow. Did you forget how to speak to me. Release, all these knots, points of tension within the body, breathe. Breathe. Feel you, Feel me. Finally. Free in the Ocean, feel the rhythm of the body. I know this space, this state, this Languague, Nourshing the entirety of Being, True Nature, Musical Embodying She Speak to me. Knowing now iT is not about what I say but how I say from where Eye See, All Known motion, call in the Family, Council is Devotion, this Space, this State, this Key, Eye Free.

Day 6*: She steps outside. Breathe. Slow motion. Flow fast. My Body Knows this ShiT. Calls for iT. Water Knows where to go. Break Sweat. Effortless.