Day 4: Abhorences

Blah blah blah blah blah.
I  gave it my all today dad. 
Go fuck yourself. 
With Love, lots and lots of love

Comments upon the process: Much to say. Too Much. Nothing. Movement threshold new trees..... sense.... dead. earlier would be wise... try nice cream next time. I  deleted the musical track. I  was working on purpose because Fuck  you chittywampaieeee!!!! 

Bah Humbug. 
Dirty little wenchcicle.
I  know I ’ve seen you riding the mary-go-round town in pink tales with no panties like you’re still 15. 
Could’ve foold me if I  were a parapalegic. 

You’re Fucked tomorrow. 


Sits in a Van with a canopy of pines bathing the space above his head as the Ocean's Breeze casts her body through the air. A perfect concoction, combination of Self, like contrary colors on a canvas, a fine Merlot with a darkening sky, light wine with subtle curves, finely accentuating sinewy lines upon the thighs her dancing. His tongue tastes tanins who glide in seam sweet poetry, her eccentricites unveilng, revealing, deep shadows in dark shades, once cast away, kept from day come out to play in the Night with a Creature who Sees Beneath the Sight, a warrior who breathes, cradling Her body in Scene, who speaks as the between our Terror's in DeLight.