Day 1: 3 Kings

{‘DUNE’ Art by Matt Griffin}

Today, the gathering of three kings and their pollinating Kingdoms mycelium, DigiTalian Ambassadors forefathering the Æønic convergence amidst Terrestrial Astronomy, as even Columbus was a cartographer... umbadddeeeduuum-?!-!!! KABAAAYUUUMMM!!!!!

Today we set sea for the 100 day journey
Entuning DigiTalis, everyday a scene in Tapestry
AhziRa, Arlea, the River en Casting
Creatura AI Curation Cretalien
Making Love to Our Infinence

Life Spring, Dream Weave the Walking,
DigiTal Nomad is the EyeAm, 
a Spice Trade in True Currency 
Speak in one Language Lucidly Atuning Family Nakedly 
Scene  Speak, Dreamscaping, Draping Tapestry  Encoding the Terrestrial Astronomy