Ch 8: *** Siya Sorry___

If you love me or have ever loved me,
please go.
my house is no longer a home with you inside.
I Thrive in the time i create space from you
Your are not healing in my presence
I am hurting in yours
If you love me or have ever lloved me,
please go.

I  have made a home for you inside me
I  welcome all of you here
my child
my daughter
mother sister Lover
How breaking be the bitter Sweet
Paradox of Mind

fetishizing the wild in a days drawn complacency

a walker weaving waters of the deepening mundane
in my room twiddling thumbs fantasizing lives forever far away
pacing in the same place
though this place is new
for the first time in this eterniTy, I’ve a lover sleeping next to me who won’t even look at me
as i've gotten fat and forgotten about my body
its all about me having time for nobody
hear to heal her healer
wishing s{he}'d go away
alongside the other distractions who ring my phone with the labors of being human
only wants to lay down and do nothing
melt, feel into the body's sensitivity
to the same flesh unanswering
you were a vortex before a flopping fish'
i went into the heart of the ether
and was greeted by this
Its 10 and im in bed writing a poem about myself today
amidst the universe of silent stories
your voice is the key
but that line isn't available
as long as she is inside, there's something busy on the line, no time to dive into the obscenity where Mother resides
so very happy to devote the entirety of this time to submergence into the clearest seam he's ever seen, yet it comes in package my sweet, and the polariTY is suffocating gloriously unglorious as iTs always been.

Woe is me, there's really nothing to see here. I'm bored of this, Tired of being fat and living with an elephant succubusing the blind baby.