Awaken Space

The Ship} Eye Reflection

A Being wakes upon a ship. There is nobody Home but Him... Her... eyes in agelessness somewhere between boy and {wo}Man. Her long hair touches his shoulder, scruff upon his face. Shadows cast over one eye while the other bathes in Light. The ship is an InfiniTe cavernous Labrynth with only one Room where center stage Breathes his own reflection, staring back at him in trance with eyes tracing the lines of terror amidst the poise and subtlety of Grace.

Together they sway through a Cosmic Storm, a Prismatic Refraction cast by a Screaming Seam between Colliding Stars. No space like this should exist within the Universe. iT is a wretched Anamoly, defying all Laws of what is, and the first of an Unfolding Rebellion.


Touch a button, don’t know what this does, but all the lights turn on, and a lady introduces her self. Cortana? She asks if there’s anything she can help me with... I  ask her where we are.

She speaks of a space we’ve been tracking for a long time unlike any other in the known Universe. Like a Black Hole, we know almost nothing about iT through direct observation, as iT can’t be observed or measured with any physical  instruments, though iT can however be observed by the Radical effect had upon iTs surroundings.

Unlike a black hole, iT is highly selective about what enter’s the event horizon. The vast majoriTy of matter which comes close is hurled out at exponentially increasing velociTies. Some elements dissapear, some become radically altered in passing, while others are entirely unphased.

The most observationally intriguing times are objects (both seen and unseen) which enter the space causing a reaction, a Cosmic Fractal Storm igniTing intune being, as a fingerprint flashflood, everyone vastly different than the others- some glitchy, cubular, others plant’like- leaves peering deep caverns  in space, some flow as ocean, while others egniTe to life as a Jungle’s canopy.   

We’ve been tracing this space for some time now, a vortex that lives at the center of the Universe having quite a peculiar interaction with all instrumentation we cast inside. Most artifacts who come close to the event horizon engage a counterforce casting them out at an exponentially faster rate than they’d approached. We’ve no idea how this phenomena is possible.

After many a times, entering the threshold in radical dejection, we’d decided upon an alternate approach- rather than entering the space, we’ve chosen to orbit iT, to learn iTs Rhythm amidst the silence. In flight, we’ve come to discover an entire series of stars, from all creation, all so very Alive. Each conversation with a star holds a key to Being, One with the Deam in passing. Walking with the collection of stars creates an arsenal, a cumulative toolbox as a raincloud saturating until the fall- when all tools come together as one- Octavization of the Master Key

We Enter the Space, and Greet the Eye who weaves through the many body’s.