Arraya Nectar

Performing Miracle

And so the boy sets off for the CiTy with everywhere to go and forever to be. Waiting for a train at a bus stop whistling, his fingers trace lines of memory, ReciTing the InviTation of Kurpalu, a majestic pegasus summoned from the blue cascading horizons of Black Rock's desert sky by entoning the Miracle Frequency to call forth the Magick Ticket to Burn Alive. What a strange time that was in life, the first Love. He recalls the prelude, a preface for all to follow- Dreamweaving, the encoding Key of the Populace EterniTy, Saturating cloud to  One Birthing Dream, Seeing Symphony in the melody of One, where Her rhythm is a blood through cleansing all stagnation to the Birthing Nation. CreaTuRa Frees, Bathing Energy, emanating, illuminating a one. He approaches her, a kind eyed man with glasses and a long astute coat. Tapping her on the shoulder, he says "Hello" with wide eyes of anamoly. The man turns towards him, puzzled by the elongated silence and peculiar facial expression he found looking to him, totally unplaced in his recollection- somewhere between a girlscout cookie sale, an extreme yo-yoer, and an are you my father?! curiosity in his eyes. "What do you dream?" He asked so very politely with a notepad in his hands with a scribbling schmoozery of waving lines... nay... nay eye say... A MAP!