• The Bird of Prey flies through the desert skies, draping dreamscape in stream, the dream who falls awake, breathe water through the desert, flourishing baren lands, a whisper in wielding lightning, weaving scenes who speak are collective dreams, overlaying time streams, tides of We are Eye the Walking
  • A Man, born in the deserts society hears the call of the whispering walkers. Though he knows not where he is going, he moves, leaving all once known in no notion of returning home, to walk with the Eye, following the shadow painting iTs Breath upon the lands through the sky. Water through the desert, Eye Fall inTune the Tide. 

  • The Tone, a Whispering hand emanating the InfiniTy, the Word Casting Spell, Touching all while holding Nothing. A Womb where Walkers lay, Concepts stray castaway, hear the subtle stream of silent space, an emerging state of composing Grace. Where there was nothing, the womb's arising, our skin is fallen, Holy fire baptising. Empire's Demise, the Unveiling lies, infintesimally Arise, to Crystalize the Storm in Skies, who sing, the Chaos who screams, shattering AbsurdiTea in the Birthing of a Lucid Dream, Conducting Symphony Inside of We, the Eyes of Our Inbetween, where a string is a stream Composing the InfiniTy

The Gathering

Brother in Storm

Stories in Tongue Spoken by Neurotic

Listen in Blackout 

Forever Honored to be a Part of the Production

CiTy of Ahz

In the Beginning there was fog, a presence digression in disheartening desolation, sanctum’s solitude void of hope for tomorrow never came, wash away fading shades of yesterday. Where so many words are spoken but nothing is said. I ’ve been here before, so many times before...

Shatter the mirror

Love? Wtf? How did you get in hear?

Somehow you came, a clustering chaos, abstract, seemingly so insignificantly speaking so many scenes of me, upwelling from underneath never before seen, unsupressing rememory, Hear Hera is Her HeArt Beat, Sweet Maddening InsaniTy of All of Me, here is the Embracing, where lightning touching Family, you are thee painting  Tapestry, map in making, Madening,  Creaturically Embodying TideStream interweaving Grotesque and She the Lovely, Terrorizing Truth in Horror’s Screams, so sensual the taste of her lips on me, we the entire journey, from a Child’s Scribbling hands hung in noosery upon the fridge to Mastery’s Effortlessly Gracing Sculpting Eye who Bathe the Bridge, Bridging Scenes, Inhabitting Now as paralleling Streams, How I  feel no longer relevant to me, Eye Hold the Key. Composing tapestry, calling forth the Symphony of mind beneath thoughts thinking, inner dialogue articulating in Time, ClariTea in Abstractiom, the Piercing State of Epiphany. How Far may we Ride the Flow, How Forever does infiniTy Go?

And then a breath of anew, motion in a space undefined, seen in such clarity in line, yet far outside time, we the weaving waters where these worlds collide. 

Already I  feel the coming Alive.

Storm Break, Waters we Ride the Tide En Systema, anew breath, a speaking key for Color to Breathe, Composing Lightning, Thunder clouds pave the ways underneath, Eye Fall Beneath

Scribble from a mad Man’s Mind:

Enter the Black, HeArt Attack, why my body Hurts, hurting so long, what is wrong in unfeeling self in anything, neglecting, forever touching iT wrong, Obsessing over the same song, are we magick or a dead horse in beating, Stagnation the psychically combusting prophetization, baptizing the ravenizing wolf may forever ever eat and never feed, hell is a labryinth where imprisoning Grey is the Teaching Key, Akira’s sight of InfiniTy so Entirely Debilitating, Obsessed with the Void, I  will Penetrate this space in my, Eternally paradoxing, where the Warrior lays down his weapon to engage the Dance as Battle, EveryOpportuniTy Eye Dive to the Trance in Romance, Embrace the Space, the State, the cards at hand, no matter how they unfold, Eye Hold Eternally Eye the Storm Unfolding Key, the Softness of a Rose Letting Go, Creating Space, A Brother in Storm is Lost where to go, Lost to who He is,  gone going as the wind washing away, Hear the Forever State to Speak as Discovery, each momentation the Waking Creation, Tide Eye Bathe in Motion are the Mages Matrix are we Discovery, Nakedly Receiving Anew Language Embodying a walk with the Whispering Hand We Composing Throne, Calling Storm En State Are Home is the Eternally Eye Tune, to Knowing InfiniTy, Forever Are ŸøÜ “

What the fuck are you even saying?... the question, like my name, now entirely irrelevant

Hello, My name is Jayln Arlea. 

We the Walkers, Weavers of the Weirding Waters, Draping Dreamscape, we Paint the Tides as the i am Eagle Eye, How the Breathing Tide Arrive,  Intuning Flow, Hear are Now the High Let Go. 

And whispers breathe, so soft as thunder composing butterfly wings, a Bird or Prey in Piercing Sight, igniting lightning to life in a dance are New Sight... a flourishing City who speaks in the HeArt of a Black Hole‘s Paradoxing Tornado. 

ClariTy, ClariTea en LucidiTy, this Storm Eye Breathe Draping All of Thee

Hear is where we come to See, the Unification is All of We the Eye See, Intertwining, Coaligning inside thee, Eye Am all we Are, Vessel coming Aliving, Gaia, Lover my Lover, Mother my Lover, Eye InviTe ŸøÛ inside me, Come Lover Learn to Play Thee. 

from the HeArt fo the Mountain Sound, a Walker Enters the Journey to Meet, and Greet the Song of Storm Speak through thy Being, A Walker grows to Call forth the EnTiTea, to Know the Waters Home en Summoning. 

I  Watch you Fall, Watch you Fade away, all the Notion of I  yesterday, release to the Way, In Silence We Speak, Where Naked Hands may Greet InfiniTea, we wash away, all the I ’s of yesterday. 

Love has done this to me.
Love has let me Die
Darling Know now for me Eternally
iT is Eye Who Kill the Butterfly. 
Ocean’s Hear Her Cry