All For YøÜ En WiTnessing

Awaken the Voice, the Sound who speak as Rhythmic SimpliciTy, the Lightning Underfeet, Here to Play , to breathe to speak in sing for the CommuniTy 

Eye Open thy Voice for YøÜ, Tune to thy Body for YøÜ, Know thy Word for YøÜ 

Wolf Pack.

Draping Dreamscape, Eye Breathe, this Cosmic Tapestry a CommuniTy of Our Dreams. 

Crystalization is QuantiTy, the Mastery’s Arriving. 

Eye Cradle the Space of the Eternal Flame
Tides who Drape, Cascading Dreamscape upon the Desert Plains
Fertile Soil Comes to Life again
Prisms bending prison bars
The Raw Release Transmuting Fallen Scars
Birthing Who we Are
Birthing Who we Are

Hello friends, a New project in the midst I'd Love for you to be a part of. I'm creating collective Dreamscape, to one of my favorite questions in the world- "If you knew you couldn't Fail, what would you do?" Write your answer in the comments with as much ClariTy and Detail as you can muster mister, and I'll weave our responses together into a single space, a Pooortal may you say, and freely share the piece to whoever iT calls to.