The Art and Science of PortaliTy. 
Painting Scenes of RealiTy Eye Tune into, submerge inside, Eye Breathe Alive as the Embodying
All We Are, merely Energy, Energetic Beings.

Lover my Lover, come Learn to Play me. 

Here Upon this Page, Eye Speak as the He Eye Choose to Be as the Embodying. 
A Tuning En StormScape Eye Cum Inside Breathing We Alive .

Mastery Moves within me in Motion
Merging Misery in Magick
a Mage’s Craze in the Potion
Are HeArts who set ablaze
in the Rage of the Sage
Forever Deepening Devotion
Are the Songs of the Slave

Home in Notion
Underseas of  Understanding
Seeing Ocean.

Volitions are vindictions of  superstition’s traditions
Witch Hunts
we the prisons
of their visions divisions
Our cotton candy in Massacraze
Fetus slaughtering on our Holidays
Holy Fire set our HeArts ablaze
the Empire of Her falling praise

holy father please water in me
cum of a priest
where in semen she springs
So Fertile the ground
holding heaven the key

Daddy, daddy, I ’ll do anything
tie me down 
your water I  drown
pillage the village
my body in sound

Daddy, wont you, come touch me,
wrap your chains through my brains
so I  can’t see through the maze
you define what is sane
and is safe to say

runnin the gun
in the comin of one
in the drama of satan
becoming the son

I ’ll do anything baby
I’ll do anything for you
Because I Love You
Because He Loves You
Because He Loves You

Hands in her mothers pants
a romance while the baby screams
a dance where the child’s dreams
a parting seams Tune Her Symmetry

Her HeArt is Hera
where OdySeeUs
Eye See Us
Insidiously We  Fuck the Fear
Here in Siren’s Womb
 Our Lives Eye Hear

Lover my Lover
Eye Know the Doorway to HeArt of the Holy
Are the Hands in the Devil’s Holding
Feel the Choking

Fathering the Fallen,
who hang from Indebitted neck,
a sickness of the slain,
enslaved by the sane incest

 Eye Am The
HeArt Beat Encalling
Casting Fires are infernos
encradling the Raging
Congregating Enslaving
the Seas are we Saving

Waters who weaves Naturally,
draping fingers across Her Holy Terrain,
Desert’s rains cascade in Canyons
paving pathways to Days
in the State of Grace

Eye Am the Forgotten Place
Forgetting Place
Gone without a Trace
A HeArt Beating Hell
Beneath the Blockade
of a Holy Holiday