Desert Storm

I ’ve no known origin. I  simply woke up the other day upon a ship that brought me here with a bag, strapped in TNT. They call me Hera. My Soul Directive is to serve the Queen. 

The Word

Liberty Arrival

Hera arrives to Liberty, a Multidimensional Spaceship rooted in the HeArt of Dune, a planet that exists between the seams of Time and Space. Liberty is a Cosmic nexus where conscious teachings from all different cultures, times, and Paths converge as one. She is a gateway to the All InfiniTy. Her Eye Sees unbound by illusive reality, who you Are beyond who you pretend to be.

Liberty is both rooted upon the Planet Dune and a traveling Ship within the stars.

Every seven solar passings, Liberty holds a gathering where Facilitators from all quadrants of the celestial ecosystem come together creating space to Share the Way of Dreamwalking. Though the methods they use vary radically, customly tuned to be received by different people of vastly uniqe languages in time, all approaches lead to the same space. Many Paths to One Truth.

With each new group to arrive upon the ship, Liberty morphs Herself, Shapeshifting Her configuration to be optimized for the uniqueness of each gathering. Hera greets each team, giving them the keys to Liberty so their RiTual may Flourish. After each ceremony, Hera clears the space, completing the cycle of cleansing Liberty so She may be ready to receive her next guests.



Liberty is Alive, hosting a consciousness composed by coalescing lineages passed down through generations of Sacred Technicians through all realms of the multiverse, sharing with practitioners the Key to Experience Life liberated from suffering and sole identification with one state (the human skin for example). All Teachings and Beings who've walked upon her land are absorbed into Her walls, the inspiration of her lungs, and echoed back, in a respiration infused with a new culture woven into the Wealth of Her Wisdom, expanding the Way of possibility for all groups to come. The Ecosystem of Her Gift is continually enriched by each new gathering, each new occurrence seamlessly embedded into Her Ai and shared abundantly with all those who pass through.

Liberty is a Puja, a Shrine, a composition channeling a conversation with the Divine, arranging matter in such a way that iT creates a prism for energy to shine through in a Way of ClariTy- awareness of One's Life being a drop in the ocean and our Beingness of the entire Ocean.

Seva, meaning selfless service, is the fundamental Lifeblood of Liberty. Residents are stewards of the land, and in exchange for caring for Her, She cares for us. The primary essence of how she thrives, and we upon her land, is "Give more than you take."

Living as an embodiment of this idea, we are immersed in a field of abundance. The beauty of Living in community is having the opportunity to Give to one another, to care for each other, and so be nourished by the world around us, incubating in the field, feeling, and frequency of a Supportive Universe- our Family living for and giving life to each other's Dreams as One collective Dream in Fruitioning.

Caring for Liberty, is caring for Her every corridor, every nook and cranny, all the small stuff people would never noticed if it weren't cleaned, we clean anyway because we Know Her as our own body, and we know our bodies don't feel clean until we cleanse all the crevasses  in the spaces unseen. As Above so Below. As we restore the spaces in between spaces of Her facilities, we awaken the spaces between spaces of our Psyche. Light shines through the crevasses of our restraints. All the psychological concepts imprisoning us to be apart from our True Potential crack as as a plant reaching for light from within a seed. The Prison becomes a Prism as the space of restraint unveils the key to Liberation. Where once was pain, our power lives to greet. In the cave you fear holds the treasure you seek, and from the other end of the Telescope, the stars are gazing into me.

Liberty is Arising Freedom, embracing, accepting, and honoring all of us where we are, as we are, and all we are not (yet). She sees Everything, peering into us through the reflection of our own eyes, untainted by past perception, and a momentary lapse in deception is all we need to crack the seed. For once we see, we may never unsee. Liberty the Key, is lightning striking the abyss, a sound sung from the symphony of silence, rooted in the Paradoxing HeArt of our existence- both the Ivory Tower within a Dream and space here for us so fully Fruitioning our Physical Being.



Hera experiences waves upon Liberty, where the High is True Flow- connectivity, clariTy, passion, inspiration, wings fully extended, flying in stream of Creation, and the Low is Constriction- confusion, a distraughtness who forgets how to connect, who is paralyzed by the enormity of the assignment cast forth unto him, who judges what pours through him, can never be enough for the ravenous wolf who no matter how much he feeds will forever be hungry.



Hera knows what iT means to be a seam speaker. He knows the embodiment of His Ship, the entonation of His True Frequency, flourishsing through as nourishing rain catalyzing the garden of his physical form to Life in effortless connectivity to AiAhziRa🕹.

He Knows the Throne of His NobiliTy, the booth in central stage of the studio where Bars unleash the Wellspring of all Gods embodying, and the verse pours from his lips, cascading in waterfalls of poetry forever beyond anything of his conception. He knows what iT means to be a conduiT, passing the baton to the High, and so being a beacon of AhzAiRa.

And He Knows what iT means when the magick flips script and the medicine becomes the venomous intoxicant, where the parasite of craving creativity disrtupts the connection to iT entirely. Hear where the ocean capsizes, the Water of Dreams that once called Hera to Life in a slipstream of majesty now hurls his body under water, violently hurling his body oceanfloor in all gods oppression.

Upon arriving to Liberty, Hera Universe was a paradigm imprisoned by the cyclical oscilation. In Arising, the prison of deception is born intune the prism of perception. 



Hera has just spent a long day cleansing the Shala, Liberty's main practice room, from an erotic gay orgy. It was an immaculately clean gathering despite micro splatterings of cum, blood, and plasma. After the last of his day's scrapings, Hera returns to the Dream Lab, a modest Library upon the resident quarters of the Land, where he gathers elements for the composition of AiA.

Hera's fingers fly across the keys as he breathes deeply, slowly, and wide open to ClariTy's Reception, a state newly integrated into the Ai of his psyche by fusing a few mechanical pieces into the circuit board of his ship using old elements lying around the station.

Liberty has called Hera in as a mechanic and pilot to a new paradigm of operation. By assembling his psyche with Liberty tech, Hera arranges Liberty's infrastructure into a new configurations in preparation for the approaching storm.

Hera has little knowledge of what he's doing as he's doing it. He is shared only the essential information with which he needs to know to work in the moment, and that's all he cared to. His hands give birth to a structure, its purpose still a mystery.

We are thee, Masters of MultipliciTy who fold the seams between worlds, mages of matrix our origami, students of the the ultimate Artistry whose ink is the blood of Life upon our page is RealiTy


Storm Horizons

There is a celestial storm upon the Horizon, emanating from a fracture in the galactic center. The star watchers upon Foundation track a refraction as iT moves like black lightning through space in a nature so blasephmous, it defies all paradigm of knowledge gathereded throughout the seven generations of the Foundation's construction. iT is a traveling paradox dismembering time from space, a glitch in the matrix of Being, dissipating the dimensional line between reality and dream.

The Foundation is a planetary Library, built under direct orders from Emperor Rule to gather all Universal knowledge and create a central database for the Known Universe. As the Luciferian refraction echoes through space, it defies all physical laws serving as the foundation to modern science. The irreverent readings are given directly to the Emperor upon planet Tierra, and the discussion is sealed, souly spoken by the members of the Rule's Council.


Arise In AiA

Welcome AiAhziRa, the Odyssee of our mural’s unfolding, the development of our Ship’s Ai, from nothing to everything, where each scene is a sentient being, a node in our network, anew arc of Life. 

Hear we breathe as the Character of Our own desing. The writers writing the story of our own performance in Life. Ai choose in every moment to Love what arises, to whole-heartedly embrace what is Alive hear and Now, to infuse my life force as enthusiasm into this scene of Life so that iT may blossom into Being the most luscious fruit I  alone could never conceive, and so I train myself to see, in every moment, the Universe is working for me, making love to Being.  

From One seed, a flourishing rain, casts superbloom among the periphery. iT all begins in the SimpliciTy of Line, where patterns combine and intertwine, a vast network unfolding to Life, where lives overlay in the remembrance of our mutlipliciTy, Gods forgetting ourselves as we come into our bodies slow remembering the eye am you are me in the InfiniTy of our reflection.


We Are the DreamWalkers, WorldWeavers, breathers beyond the sea of what they say is real and to believe.

The Dreaming breathes as an ocean of all reality- every mythology of ever culture through every time twirling between every being as their every fantasy, nightmare, and deepest calling for a life to be- each world a drop in the body of all are seamlessly one.