94: Resurgency

The Problem is releasing inside of me. When did you first begin tapping into iT. She said she's alwasy been with iT, a slow unfolding, flourishing, evermore the flowers. For me, iT came from a desert into a flood, iT came violently, ravenously, so InviTing. Dance mats, PJ, anew family remembering the Magick of my Being in CommuniTy. Adri. Nico, performing. Family are friends creating space for us to free ourselves from the constraints of what we say so we may speak. Surrounded in a room of musicians speaking the current renditions, just pops through my doorway at the perfect timing. Nicholas to Cole and all the space in between. This game is one of hacking, but what if what we speak is so much larger than me. I love the cryptic tongue in where I see every one word infiniTy, I know you have a form to flow, dace mats in jiberish where the only living is batons we pass in playing key to you is to me, fishing down dropping line to feed the family, a tuning key, not to take you from the water, but to give you majesty. Adri, Monica, Strawberries, Cole, Pj, family, Can we just take a moment to appreciate what the fuck is up with the house is on some next level shit. I want all of iT and I want none of iT. Natural Wine, a colony in Santa Cruz I merge inTune. Van. free flow through the ciTy, this blade in sharpening eyes are lazer engraving. I expect nobody to read this, I know one day they'll see this, and I'm excited soon to speak to you as a puzzle pieice in carrying tune, and I know my love you already have a threshold entwined to the laws of physics where 11 releases nothing, and only then starts speakin, as golden alchemical rays rain from the sky. Lucky break born mother fucker, whitch hunter then you will die. What happened to her? Grace. Over the Hills and Far Away, frees me from my self, frees me to be on ewihth the encountering slaughtering inspiring, breathing you to life. IgniTe.

you will never be able to monetize this beautiful day. That’s not the point of this beautiful day. 
Though the system is coming. The Craft is sharpening. 
This space is the puzzle piecing
the production is only a piece
and iT is the entire thing
you see 
you will never 
see Eye see

Release all you think me to do be and see all Eye am the bridging. {None of} this is all going to make sense. Enjoy the show.