91: Hear from Where We Are

Hello hello my friend,

As I'm guessing Alec may have shared, our relationship has grown in a really cool way since he's come to LA, and we've become flourishing forces of influence, catalyzing eachother into our Journeys. In this recent chapter of life, I've felt a beautiful reprogramming unfolding within me. So many patterns I'd developed around creativity, focus, and discipline are rewiring and becoming more fruitful and lifegiving, and I wanted to reach out and thank you for your role in iT. Alec has been passing along, in his own beautiful translation, so much of what you've shared with him over the years growing together. Applying these ideas to my life have been fundamental to walking in a way which my daily actions resonate and reflect my dreams. Cole, I so deeply appreciate your influence in my Journey, since the internship at Idea Booth where you passed me the simple key of "just do one thing daily", alongside all the ways that internship engaged me to Truly think about what iT means to hack the fill in the blank (____social media___) process, to all the keys your brother has been sharing, you've been Immensely supportive through the years. I'd love to reconnect with you on the phone in the coming days when you're free. I hope you're flourishing man, expanding into the chaos of our current times. I shall see you soon good sir, and until then, I'm sending you love from the other side!

Hakuna Matata Hermano,