89: Nine Ninety's

The Song “Aqua” below is my favowite

The Thing iTself

I have a dream of Creating a Multidimensional, Theatric Production which Catalyzes expression, globally igniTing the spark of iT- Imagination, Our True Nature, Dream, and Empassioned Living.

I recognize the first step in composing this Production is to be a powerful Character within iT, every day creating the most passionate content I possible can for iT, and in doing so connecting with a form of authentic expression which allows me to speak, feel, and Create iT in scene, cultivating skill through discipline, and activating my highest potential as a Multimedial storyteller.

My Intention within this first stage is to Develop Rhythm within my process and practice, cultivating creative mastery to a degree in which I am a Creative Freelancer, {a DigiTal Nomadien Native} who has created an income stream which allowing him to Souly Focus upon the craft, freeing time inTune the Devotional Practice of iTs composition, and freeing self from the paradigm of work for work's sake.

Eye Am 89 days into the Hundred Day Journey, a practice of Creating content, fragments of a self portrait, everyday for 100 continuous days, and uploading this content to a website serving as the Craft/Spaceship/Headquarters of the revolution of Self in Psyche.

By the end of this journey, there will be two websites. One which hosts the daily arrivals, template based, thoughtless to set up, and another which serves as a prism to the journey, arranging the highest level content intune a new octave, in which all the elments synergize together in one visual/audial tapesty composing a single story.

This SiTe is the Revolution of the I Am, a DigiTal Projection of the Tierrian {Earthen} Self into DigiTalis {VirtualiTy}. This space will serve as the fundamental unfolding grounds of the Production and will demonstrate a proficient Craftsmenship in Creation, opening the door to opportunity and collaboration with new Entities {Sponsorship}.