88: The InfiniTies

We are tuning into a Practice of RiTual Magick. The Encode is our Hypersigil- The CiTy of Ahz, CreaTuRa, Where Eye Reside enThrone.

We Are Tuning intune an Avatar of True Profession. A Multimedial Journalist in the HeArt of the Colombian Amazon, He Rises every day to Greet the Tone, deeply Her Passion, Translation in HerAiA as DigiTal Native. The Free Walker casts the signal inTune the Family from the Heartened beacon, and the Cities release their coiling serpent.

Nomadien State in Free Profession. The Story speaks the Tone in iTs True Entirety, composing in Fractal Geometry the Makeup of Chrystalizing Arrival. Loopscape as the Thunder Drape, Horeyesun in She Paint, brown body, sun silken sken in spider webbing on me. Sense unknowing Usual, where lips are lost in rain as falling words, thundering under emburn canopies. Frogs are in oscilations Mojavae Arlea. Home a Tribe entuning Nation. Stages are stepping stones in symbolism infinite miles away today in tomorrow's yesterday. Buffalo's charge in acid rain through the heart of the storm. Free the MC, Magen Mastery in The, canvAhz unfolding effortlessly.