84: The Encode by Enthusius Gaspard

The Book Begins Here: the Arrival = The Encode.

Here Eye Hear, this State, this Space of Awakening LucidiTy, Cultivating an embers flame, watering seed to my Unique DviniTy. Here Eye Arrive to greet you, to pass the baton from reflex to free will, comfort to Evolution, from Animal to God.

Today as I look in the mirror for the first time, Eye arise, recognizing myself to be a character within a dream Eye am Dreaming. In this moment of LucidiTy, I realize because I'm dreaming, and aware that I'm in a dream, I can dream myself to be, anyway I want to be.

Here Eye am a Creature of my Creation, Character of my ComposiTion. I am the Hero of the movie you're watching, breaking scene, speaking to the audience from within the movie Narrating the punchline as a spoiler I preface.

The Encode is the Space Eye Arrive to Arise. iT is the Daily Practice of Evolution. iT is the Space Eye Encode a new Being inTune my body. iT is the Space Eye Cultivate the State of Being Awake within the Dream and so realize I can do anything, and so I begin by doing Something. One thing- Small that I know I can do. I do the thing, and tomorrow, I do iT again. Doesn't matter what iT is as long as I'm doing iT. Everyday. HiT the same space, same state (Space and State is Time and Place ;) and so I create momentum everyday as a stepping stone of evolution, mapping thought to action- cultivating a relationship with myself where I know what I want to do I will do (put iT in the space) and so i Become.

Each stepping tone is a brick in the PalAhz of Doings, a Tapestry Eye Weave scene by scene of the Arriving, collectively formulating a Sail with which Eye may ride far deeper streams of Flow in Creation, a new Octave of Being, expanding from something to anything.

And I build a PalAhz of the Doings, where each action is a stepping stone upon a single path, a current Eye Am riding, writing, and with iT i may be anything becuase I begin with and expand from Something.