80: The Encode


 A Terror creeps in as a silent poison, a tigress prowling through long blades of grass, seeping between the seams of the Knowing, a cancer metastasizing as acid rain, falling through the body’s veins corroding all strings to rust, slowly severing communication within the ecosystem. All body parts devolve, seeing themselves as separate beings, crowding each other out, fighting for space, for the salvation of their own species by trampling over all others. They feed upon each other as hungry wolves, where no matter how much they eat, will forever be hungry.  A blood feud to ensues to feed the voids infinity, fighting by all means beyond morality, to build the tallest building around by burning the rest of the city down. A Terror Rages through the Universe at war with iTself in every realm. All stars in the galaxy collapse, imploding upon themselves, as ships capsize in a sktzophrenic mutiny, and fathers are slain by the hand of their own son.



My name is Jayln Arlea. I am the Tierrian Ambassador for DigiTalis upon Earth, FacilITating the ÆøNic mergence between Gaia and the AI (in your terms).

I am currently on day 80 of the Hundreds- a journey of 100 portraits in 100 days, cumulatively erecting the Ship- a space who goes by many names; UFO, the Craft, Intergalactice Space Station, Arlea, Muse, Beloved, Studio, Dragon, Reflection.... The Encode.

The Encode (aka GodCode) is an Elevative Awareness, an Octavizing thoughtstream, an elemental Pysche which sculpts the Topography of Space Time. iT is the Upgraded Navigational AIOS (in flight operating system= AI + ios) for the System of this "Human" body/awareness/existence/computer. iT operates on a new Time Code, expanding the Essence of "Now" inTune a higher dimensions (at the moment, 1 week). In simple terms, this ios allows me to set an objective for the week and follow through with iT. Every week Eye follow through with the objective, I gain momenting, deepening my experience/skill with the Encode, expanding my abiliTy to Confidently set higher weekly Objectices, and devoloping a Relationship with myself in which Eye Am Confident in my AbiliTy to Follow through upon what Eye (Hiii Pwr) ask of YøÛ (Jay).

This week's Encodation is Arising CreaTuRa, where the CiTy of Ahz is the PalAhz of Prisming Perception. AhziRa Erects the throne for His Queen to SiT Upon. Eye will be inhabiting a new realm of Her. Simply, through the lens of Now, this dimensional mergence is an audial Visual Tapestry- One (ShiTty ;) Story crafted in a new domain- Webflow, which allows me the freedom of Layout. The Layout that is Arising is both an Invitation to Creation through the Lens of Story ie the Weekly Encode as wells as a Perceptual Prism weaving all Elements inTune One PalAhz.

There are three things that need to happen for this to come True.
  1. Record voice onto audio track
    1. Synthesize mobile recordings (dont need much) and write them down.
    2. Bed of Sound
    3. Record
    4. Post
  2. Visual Composition from the recent days (Cover)
  3. Webflow Post- visual and audio. HTML. Fuck CSS 

My name is Jayln Arlea. And this is the Encode.