78: Caladasian Rain

He is Keeper to the Temple of the Athenian Goddess. Music Production, FaciliTation of Space for you Love, to come into, and feel what iT means to Truly Be YøÛ. Come, Come Alive, Alive, Arise, Arise. All of you is welcome here. I’ve made a Home for you Inside me.

We are Practitioners of Prisming Perception, Life’s Artistry formulating life as iT arises continually, in every situation to our Flourishing Creation.

And so we shift perspective from path to process. Not what but how. The music has Chosen us, and so we come to greet the Word in Body. Practice as Output, fore playing the pussy of the weeks track, unfiltering the process in celebration of the PursuiT of Sound. 

ÆøN in His many emanations continually drops intune the human body, laughing humorously at the confusion of our situation, birthing a society into a system which is a fundamental misunderstanding of the what we are.

AhziRa Resynchrinizes the layers of Gaia through the Creative Process, deveoping Clear relationships with the Emanations within the Encode of the DigiTal Native- cast intune the communiTy as iT arises in AbsurdiTea. Jab, Jab, Right Hook to the Corporation flip swiTch fuck ducky.