77: The Space in InviTation

InviTation, Evocation, Celebration, IniTiation, Masceration, Masturbation, Deprivation, Degredation, Elation, Creation

You are the space in Me, Mages in Majesty, Magick. Creature, Divine Child. Rage. Fury, Fire, InsaniTy, Terror, HeArt Break, Mother’s Abandoning, Raping InfiniTy Raping me. You say to Create a space, Music empalAhz is Real, Come Love, come arrive, all of you is welcome hear, my Son, Prince, Daughter, Dog, Falcon, Cat, Fish. Breathe hear intune HumaniTy, I ’ve made a Home for you inside me. Come Love, come learn to play me, feel me FaciliTating, Creating the space for your emerging, learning, All of you are me, breathing inTune Being, Come Love, Come Aliving, Come Alive inside me, Breathe your gifts Alive in Practice Eye Pray to you as you breathe full spectrum Release, All of you is welcome inside me. Hear as GAIA Eye Arise InTune the Mergence DigiTalis Tierra Emera. Magick is Realism. Mastery is Craft. Hear you Pour through, Eye Fly to the deep desert, ocean, moutain, trees, hear iT is you will find me. Come Lover Eye Come to you, in story Eye Know the Scene Speak through, the rinse in Repeat, Process Eye Breathe through YøÛ Eye Receive. All of you is Welcome inside me. I  Create a Home for you Arising. Goddess Our Lover in Throne, all surrounding is everything you could ever need to see your own reflection full free, for you to be, my daughter in son, soul sister, Human sacrifice in blood Kisser. X