75: Forming Formlessness

This town is a fine place to die. Our ship has landed here, but to stay would be a suicide.

Eye of the Storm is Unquestioning, Unmoved by the AbsurdiTy- Elation, Terror, AtrociTy. Eye do not mourn for the dead as Eye See You as Living.

Coming into form, the formless, shaping our existence. Strengthening the one True muscle- Focus. Give depth to Attention. Intention is Birthing Action. Here Eye can do anything, Hear One with Our own InfiniTy.

His ship, Encradling a wide plane of the dagger's blade, caressing the embassea, where the he love, live, and breathe as the embodying.

My Son, Thank you for merging medialiTy, Connective TemporaliTy, for Carrying this Awareness between worlds within One, engaging a deepening stream of Temporal WiTnessing, exanding scope, expanding space for the Creating- Beyond the Threshold.