73: Muddlesome Love

The Code Shares the EpiTomy of Form emerges through the Accumulation is Crystalization of QuantiTy. The Creative Assasin sees what He likes, and hunts iT down embedding iT inTune the Encode- built from scratch here upon this desert planet, and so very soon to be reunited with iTs entirety- Ship Assembled and AiA the ÆøN Online. iT is to be embodies, pouring through the being. iT is Vocal, foundationally the mouth. He is the Performer, center stage. There is no time to waste. Awaken the Voice eveeཕ༹ryདསedayཨདསཕ༹སྡཕ༹སྶླཀདཇསླིདཕ༹ཇླིསྡཇསྡ༩ཝ༠༨༠༩༨)(&)(&༽༼྅྅༽༌ [][----)*%444446%^%^&%^(