68: Eyes Are Owl

Her Name is Owl. We met long ago in Nevada City. She is Jossiah's dear sister, a magnificent musician whose voice weaves of the highest conjurings. We are here to create something together. It's been so very long since we've seen each other, and through her eyes, I see she's lived an eternity in the span of time. Eyes who've known such imensity in pain and now breathe as the space beneathe- allowing her human to die so to embody the soul space of transmutation. She knows horror so deep it no longer breathes as atrocity.

Last time we were together, we spent the week with her friend Meg. Owl alluded something horrible happened to her. I shared I knew nothing. A well rehearsed, controlled flood of her swept through her body, a long time coming to terms with the events, directing the pain into anoher space so the events could be shared without her entire human breaking. She breathes in poise and grace as she shares how our friend, so haunted by her psyche, hung herself while sleeping in the same room with her parents and 6 sibilings, three of them beneathe twelve.

Her eyes evoke the presence of the entire scene, as I am submerged inside the night with the family, hovering beneath the dangling feet of our dearly beloved, the entity whose sickly posession behold our child, looms still so present within the room, now with a fresh taste of blood, evermore visciously hungry.

And iT is so Alive in the room as Owl and I see into each others eyes. One part of me is horrified, I child screaming in a cold sweat, feeling something reach from underneathe the bed to grab her feet in the night. Another part of me, the part where I reside, as her eyes call me into a new essence of life, one with the Magick of a breathing vessel to the other side, the space we've been born to day, stands in the eye, holding the rapture of storm as chaos devours eternity surrounding, Eye bathe in the Silence of Awe, so submerged in the entity, iT becomes me, travelling through my body in fear's fernetic frenzy, so fully facilitated as a ship catalyzed on to voyage life in the storms of the sea by the sails of Grace.  She the carrier, as she sees how I receive, she gives iT all to me.

There is purpose in our presence here together, our coalescing in this time, as two parts in a puzzle piece where one plus one equals not two but InfiniTY, so consciously unconscious of the Masterpiece we are painting, one instrument, in the uniTy of two between our Body. Let the storm flood as we share our eyes, make love to the DiviniTy We Speak Inside.