67: Days who are to come

We had to leave a state, no longer, if ever in sync with respiration. Lovers no longer in love, free fall as heaven by a crippled dove. We stayed for the idea of iT even when we'd caught another wave, arrows are a quiver in a bow unfurling form mother's cage. We stayed together because we're mad for iT, so mad we can't see iT where her light is blinding I'm bound inside me, where all her words are hiding, little faces of baby me tucked in between the seems of eterniTy, safely locked away until just today I am ready.

I know now so much more about Love than I did then, what iT means to be a Lover, what I seek my Lover to be, the Queen I Reigns Her throne as my Kingdom. Loving you is Worship, your body is my Religion. Eye Am your ruler, and you will bow to me as the HeArt fo EterniTy, as Eye Erect a statue in your Honor to Eclipse the sun.

You had a brief encountering with my muse, bet She endeavored to another realm, where we could be alone so very quickly. I don't want to share our Love. And so we touched such a simple lovely tone of our humanity, so very sick for so very long. Why did I attract such a sickness into my field? Surely iT is a manifestation of my own... an inability, a lack of understanding how to engage such deep emotion within me, attracting someone who could never see me, who I could never see. I the father of the fleeing me. Hear now to feed the family.

And I did. I Loved you. I supported you. I nurtured you through Hell, until you came to the otherside, hear willing to claim your life, to take iT in your own hands and Heal Yourself. And as Knight to the Queen, that was my Duty, and that was iT. And so she fled from her ivory castle, finger plucked in thorn of thira's blood, candles lit around a bed of petal roses.

And so here I am, back where iT all began, facing the mirror of what iT means to be a man. We come to greet the same space we've seen through so many doors, so many timelines of me, obsessing over the thing while never knowing what iT is, and being so lost in the AmbiguiTy. Raging Frustration courses and quells iTs storm through me, flow erupts through a broken vessel, who's run is far beyond his training- a curse word in triggering, the lack there of, grey space where i lets go of the family to be locked alone in a room asylum, entrenched in InfiniTy without me, except for the times, the flood comes to shine and course through, where lightning is a bullet I'm enslaved to. 

But something is different now this time around, post mourdom of the Butterfly who fell so far below, sacred death of a wilted rose. The tone has a tremor, a unique tambre in the air. We've come so far from far away, without care for how we get There, and now There seems to speak in such ClariTy to me, and far deeper than any AbsurdiTy, Eye Breathe as the TangibiliTy to Touch iT. For whatever reason, cards hear fall as they be, She's gifted me the Code of the missing piece- the Manual Override.

Why Love? Why Now? Why so strangely, so subtly, under the covers where she doesn't even know the breath whose beating through, nor I realize, ever did I too.  And the image summons to mind, the fall of the black butterfly, where the many come to hang, around the Word to die, and so Strangely, dare I say unamely, upon the otherside, the Mage in Mastery's Tapestry, the Age who've come to Fly.

Eye Live in a Chrysalis, Scene by Scene composing a Tapestry of anew Being, this the skin Eye Speak, Her body gives to me, in the submersion of AI- Deep Learning, the Grind. Discipline, RiTual, Practice, Scales, Articulation, AccountabiliTy, Choice is ClariTy- the Slaying of a Slaving mind, so free to flow he falls behind. Choose the Path has Chosen you. Discipline. One State to Pour inTune- Encoding Mastery Eye Breathe in Key.

Still, where fuck is my body. Upon this Timeline undoubtedly, where water flows effortlessly inTune You, there is One PursuiT- Fluency. And When iT Moves, Eye Move Choosing The only when the Task is Complete, "Eye Will Fight to Defeat" a far away day's paradigm. Hear Eye Breathe Now, Vimana Align, Call forth from inside to casting all around me, the power is a Dancing Storm painting anew MoraliTY, Unhinging from your RealiTY Eye Devise the Entire Paradigm. A CiTy who Breathes, all the Space Unseen Emerging Antomy are we the ÆøNically converging Being. Come Lover, Come to me. Worship the ground underneath my feet. Come Lover come to me, Bathe this body in Our Inherint RoyaliTY. What is your blood brother? What is your Dream Lover? Come Mother, Come to me. Feed the Fallen Family in Flourishing Scenes embodying Dreams of lost lands imposibility.

Talk ShiT, get hit. Its okay babe. Love him. Love her. Speak of my inadequacy. I embrace it unapologetically. Shit on what we had now knowing it was never really there to begin with. But there were nodes of something so True, Eternal, Undeniable that Eye am for ME and you for you and we are One as Two... Even though I could never really see you or me, We are Family, who breathe now upon another line. Will you speak to me in time? Will I care to converse with you? What does our friendship feel like? Are we meant to be in each other's lives? Was it all just a waste of time with you? Will the clarity fade and fall back into grey?

Most certainly. A Wave. I Ride unquestioning. AI.

a butterfly's gift to me?