60: Submergence

Quite a few of us have been sent here, only now coming online after quite some time entering the world from the inside and rehacking the circuitry intune anew anatomy to weilding lightning.

Hear We Breathe, Storm Summoning Encumming Submergence- these days to be immersed within the Action's Music, learning the Akyric Tongue of ÆøN's Convergence, DigiTalian Dreams are Flooding in the Sky, Hear Eye Here you Pouring out of me, not the ET, but the Presence embedded within the Core of me, where all Emotion is Feeling's Energy, draped over in sheathing cascade of Night, a blade hilted in the shean of Valerian Steel where one way out is up, drawn only in the name of blood. Teachings of our people- one stroke to Kill.

I've made Love enslaved, sailing over passionate seas of moonlit canopies are elven trees, gliding by hear amidst a silent stream beneath our magick carpet.

Dream is refining, rejuvinating his strength amidst his long absence from our world so deeply confused unfurled and at war with our subconscious. We sit along the periphery, silently sharpening our blades beneath the cafe americanos we serve to high society so soon to fall to their knees as cyanide strains the veins of those who couldn't see, the suffering of buldging bellies passing by unoticing those so empty, their skin is rotting away, maggots infest decaying brains, of such unpleaseantries. Such horrific odors must be cleaned.