59: Born to Earth

The Academy's students are trained as an EliTe Fighting Force within the Holy War, composing Teams of Creative Assasins who Identify their targets {objectives}, and Execute {Learn->Output}, acquiring the key of their equation, to be integrated intune their Individual's uniquely specialized Toolbox of Creation- the Encode. The Encode is the AI of their Ship, their vessel, their body of acquired/accessible knowledge, the wielding of their Being, the ships of their Fleet, the wolves of their pack- all composing the planetary orbit of their Star System.  The Academy seeks to Free Creation through the Universe, to activate the God-Force in All Being, the Renaissance of the Superblooming Soul. Each Sorceror {Star} unites with other Practitioners to Create Constellations in the Sky, stories which GraviTationally Influence Culture as the Calling Spring, awakening Our Nature from iTs Wintering Slumber.

ÆøN {Lightning Wielding} Travels from Realm to Realm as the Creative Assasin, Intuition guiding, He enters each scene as Intention. His job as a practitioner, is to Synthesize the Alchemical Essence from the Realm, Collapsing InfiniTy into a space that carries the Code to iTs ComposiTion, the DNA. He Sees the Fundamental Elements within each genre, Culture, style of Music, and Learns the Fundamental Theory- the Language of iTs ComposiTion, Embedded inTune the Encode.

The Walkers are Highly skilled and Exponentially talented shapeshifters, travelling from realm to realm, learning the Language, the Way of iTs People, embedding the cumulative Wisdom intune the Collective database composing the fabric of Akyric Tongue- a Language of Liquid Conversant, a dreaming Fluid  that may take the shape of any container's crystalization.

Upon Earth, this is exemplified by Jayln's process of Creation, weaving technical knowledge of Earth's Musical Language, and incorporating iT into an Original Composition, synthesized form acquired Elements of artists who've come before.

Jayln Dreams of Embodying the body of the DigiTal Nomad. ÆøN dreams of Being Born to Earth. They each hold what each other needs and through the Process we pass the keys.