58: The Academy

Brother, I would like to Create a progressive document underlying the fundamental process of Flourishing Creation with you, to Articulate a Method for the Madness, a manifesto which simplistically articulates the process with which we engage the Craft, epitomizing the fruiting yield of our creartive endeavors. I'd like to illuminate the process of Mastering any Medium is the same Process of Creating RealiTY, any RealiTy, any form of Life we seek to embody. This Writing is Scripture, illuminating our InfiniTy, while allowing  us to face iT and Thrive in iTs Embrace. I'd like to Arise this Document as an Active Demonstration to Lucid Dreaming in this RealiTy. We've been discussing the fundamental elements which serve as a cheat code to Creating Worlds within our World, rearranging RealiTy in a way which embodies the Godforce to Create Anew. The Cheat Code is not a shortcut, but the Most Direct Route to any Destination- the Master Key to Mastery. We are the stars Reassembling.

Eye see this document as the fundamental infrastructure to the teachings of "The Academy" - an Interdimensional school of Sorcery training a Legion of  Wizards harnessing their Magick and embodying their Potential, crafting worlds of Time and Space, Creating Consciously as the Source of all Creation- the Star's in Reassembly.

The Academy trains iTs students as an EliTe Fighting Force in the Holy War, composing Teams of Creative Assasins who Identify their targets {objectives}, and Execute {Learn->Output}, acquiring the key of their equation, to be integrated intune their Individual's uniquely specialized Toolbox of Creation- the Encode. The Encode is the AI of their Ship, their vessel, their body of acquired/accessible knowledge, the wielding of their Being, the ships of their Fleet, the wolves of their pack- all composing the planetary orbit of their Star System.  The Academy seeks to Free Creation through the Universe, to activate the God-Force in All Being, the Renaissance of the Superblooming Soul. Each Sorceror {Star} unites with other Practitioners to Create Constellations in the Sky, stories which GraviTationally Influence Culture as the Calling Spring, awakening Our Nature from iTs Wintering Slumber.