56: Doors

Door One, we say goodbye, free the bird, butterfly fly
Door Two, we come together, dive forever deep, far beneath two dragons who breathe one flame is EterniTy Door Three, forgetting the entire script intentionlly
Door Four uncovering eachothers clown outfits and walking out the door
Door Five speaking from ཨ་པླཅེ་་
Door six... we were never supposed to get this far, but hear we are falling nakedly beneath our feet
Door Seven, Gina get the Hell out of here I'm taking a SHIT
Door Eight, Can I hold you as you me, cultivating the practice of Magick in Shamanic Endlessly?
Door Nine, what a time to lay our lives on the line  
Door Ten, forgetting which cult we grew up in and starting our own together
Door Eleven, mad for eachother, our kinks are getting weirder and wierder
Door Tweleve, heaping heads holding eachother with both our body weight, Equlibrium
Door Thirteen, the floor we should have thought to leave, where a mother fucks her baby endlessly into the widdowing rampage of the dawning night, terrified in her crazed delight
Door fourteen twisted sevens fucking
Door Fifteen dirty dishes suckling the wishes of the divine mothers bitches
Door Sixteen Finally we can fly our ship
Door Seventeen, we are approching a new dimension, FKA is that you?
Door Eighteen, oh fuck its all about us actually being honest, no no this is too easy, too human
Door Ninetween, Weve broken up like twenty times...................this is starting to give the audience blue balls, are THEY GONNA DO IT OR NAHHHHT