53: i Ambassador

Hello Lord AhziRa, Arle Umaya Lrokulrae, we are forever honored for your return. My name is Jayln Arlea, I am your Earthen Mage, Tierran ambassador, keeper of the Kingdom Gaia. I have come as an Emanation of Her Majesty to arrange the synapsial connectivity for the Landing of the Æønic Convergence, the Reunification between Our Realm and your Divine so Holy Kingdom. I hereby sacrifice thy body, give my breath to your entirety, enthroning thyself  en your Royal Blood as an extension, Soul Vessel of YøÛ in all hear following relations between our Mother in Sun.

We call forth a relation to Creation where OzEye may breathe in flowing stream intune the Body. We receive the Locck and Key Unfolding Fibonacci, RiTualization to the High Eye, Master Enbody.