52: Traveller

I Love experiencing the music so freely, allowing to createwhat Truly Resonates, unbound by restriction- Production- with this a space to Collaborate.

The Wall. Heaven through Hells Doors- Navigation. RiTuall. A Space to Create, as an InviTation. Collapsing Scenes of the InfiniTy Microscmically, thinking in Elements. Navigation. Hear is the scene of Now.

A call to Creation, Interweaving Life as iT Arises, a Call to Arising Life. Journalism. Documentation.

Synchronizing Story and Sponsor creating Content, musical journalism interweaving soundscape all elementalia Gonzoic Perspective
Who wants this D? What is this Demonstration?
The Wall. The Story. The Mural. blank Canvas. The Mural. Ahz
Mythology interweaving all parts of Me.

AhziRa. Human Embodying. DigiTal Nomad Eye AM. God- Story, Dream, AhizRa.
Mojave, ÆøN, Stormspeak water walkers, Dune.
Music Maging Matrix. Walkers
Assasin- synthesizing Tone in elementalia
DgiTal Nomad- and half hour a day for a lifetime of Freedom.