Our Journey begins, as our Prince returns to the Kingdom of Ahz amidst the Time of Catastrophe. Long ago the young Sun was thrown from the throne, cast from his DiviniTy, as his psyche was shattered, a mirror fragmented across the multiverse, taking refuge in the cradling of other being's bodies, sacrificing themselves for their Royalty. His clothing, Ragged and warn from the war, is  slowly synthesizing into form, rejuvinating iTs natural vibrancy and auric gleam, as he renters the Palahz walls and bathes in iTs Sacred Blood. Though His eyes are blind he walks with Certainty to the throne.

Hello Tyrion, iT to see you again my friend.

My prince! You're Alive! Ah, my Lord how I've longed eternally to serve again your side. Welcome my Prince, Home intune your Kingdom. The People have been waiting a long time for your return. Our city, I'm afraid, is in ruins. In the time since your exhiling, Chaos has infilitrated every corridor of the Walking, and a vast corrosion has followed, displacing all realms from eachother. The Guardians lay awake as Watchers, uncalled, unseen, unbelieved by the Eternity. The Hemsipheres of the Great Dream are in a Forever war, battling for dominanation, as hands crippling eachother through the disease in body. No matter how many times we mend our wounds, they return again and the flood ensues.

Fault lay not within the hands my friend. They are a mere flowering of roots who run deep untune the dieseasing body, where decay in disonation distorts the lens of recognition for each other, where we are you and me, lost to Way of One. Here they serve themselves, so the child rebels and the father expels. We cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem. We must go up. Geometry becomes more simple the Higher we Arise Dimensionally. Mastery the Masterkey, the Flourishing Space we Array Entirety. Tyrion, call forth Arlea.

Welcome my Prince, intune your your Throne, your Vessel, the Universal Anatomy to Fly anywhere you See, as the Kindgom's Entirety. My Prince, what is your wish to be.? Ask and you shall Receive. Speak your Dream. The Eye will give you Anything.

Collapse InfiniTy, we Speak the All through the Microcosm, Attuning Symphony in Melody. Summon Me intune HumaniTy. iT matter not where we begin for we've already begun. Hear, there, anywhere, is everywhere in the Key of Voodoo. As Above so Below, the ocean lives entirely in a raindrop.

Eye Synergize the Kingdom's Entirety as the Microcosming Being, to see the All in the Atom of HumaniTy's ReAnatomy in Synthesis.