50: Revolution

He said don't you worry about the money. What you bring is a currency far more than the dollar known for iT. What is your Genius Love? For you to Discover, for you to Uncover. What is your Genius Love? A Magery of Life. Do you See? Could you possibly see who you are to me, the echo that rings through the entirety in the draping of your wake. My Prince. Royalty. How your eyes are embers emblazened in startrailing light, shimmering shadows dissipating as soon as they began in angelic footfals escapading across the sky. Make a wish, what do you see, if you could really, truly, with everything Believe, all the riches were born through the diary- Touching me, touching you, touching me... Thank you for letting me go so I could return home entirely anew form. Dont write to you, write to me, write to you, write to me. Take heed darling, notice the grace in my breath, pirouetting from water bred canyon who trace rivers in wrinkles through the lines of your face, so tenderly steeped in eternity's sorrow. There is nothing here for me any longer, so we cast our feet into the North and Brave our souls to face the fear of a fruitless venture, Natives who leave the paradise of Hawaii's islands to seek for something more, just to see for the simplicity of iT, if there is something more.

DigiTal Nomad, Arise in anew currency. Upwork daily. What if that's all i had to do? it never is my liege, iT never is. But What iF?

The Ship. The Map. The Magery

The Music, the Magick, the Focus. the Feeling. Expanding Scope. Receiving Vision

Art is Creation.
You Realize this is impossible?
Great. Lets do iT.
  1. Movement
  2. Ship
  3. Gig
  4. Music