49: Finale

Declaration in Termination. Welcome to the End a new Beginning. The Beginning. Freelance. Production. I've long been ready. Thank you for the Elemental Self who has cradled me in the Authentic Flame, for the Time and Space amidst this Incubation, free from External articulation. Jay, I know its been hard to feel like you never had the words to speak. I ask you now to Feel your Word. Do you Know where you've Landed? Feel the Brilliance underneath your feet. Stand in the HeArt of your Royalty. Eye know the path is Clear and iT reads between the lines of unwording Perfection. Eye Embrace You as you are, Eye throw myself into Your HeArt and Feel the Wildfire of Life Bathing Her river through this Being. Come Love, come Learn to play me. Eye Choose to Engage the Journalist inside me. Send me on assignment to WiTness the Wild, the Obscure, the Obscene. Let iT Pour through me. Come Love, Come Play me. Cast me into the Journey. Teach me what iT means to Seek, to Play through the Beings of the World around me. Come Love, Come Learn to Play me.

Jayln is the Journalist. In South America, he begins sending shit out anywhere. He has no money, and nowhere to go. So He just begins moving. Playing the Streets and bathing in the Melody of Anything and Everything, slowly and everthemore, Tuning to the True, while embracing all the Spaces In Between without Judgment, and so with Elation.