Money Magick

And you good sir, what is it you do for work?

Why, Eye perform Magick of course!

Magic? What do you mean?

Yes, Magick! What is the Average? There is none and there is only One direction, and iT is that way!

No I mean "mean" as in meaning not the average mean. How do You perform Magick?

Ah well why didn’t you say so? Eye take shiT and make iT sexy, the classical study of Alchemy my friend playing pretend so the seams bleed trickling echoes from the dream Eye emenate the state, grounded Lightning amplifying mandalically, and the collaborative energy merely happens all around me, people thank me as Eye let go, and so iT lives in abundancy.

I don’t understand what you’re saying. Im merely asking how you’ve acquired such wealth and if you have an recommended strategies which I could use to support myself too, there’s so much I want to do and I feel so tied down by not having enough to feed myself, much less travel.

Ahhh laddie wee lassie, you only don’t understand because you’re trying to make sense of iT! BaHa!! She’ll flip you up, flaunt your bottom, and flagulate your flacid flare flicker around sideways with that mind-state. She always slays the knights who come to kill the beast, not realizing that in Truth the Beast is She and only Listens to Groovy baaabyyy. Come Boy, into the stifling suffering of life. Ooooooh Woe is me. Come down to zero where all men quiver in fear, come to the edge my dear and stand bare to the black, naked, chest born raw, clothes cast in flame through the inferno, and bear your rose unthorned to the eyes of the world who weave the world through your lactating tatata. And here iT is, as the humble wiTness to the born body’s humiliTy, the kiss of sweet DiviniTy draping gold bathing Sexy all around we baby. Let us dance around the bonfire of all our burned things and scream smothered in the shiT of liberated Beings! You’ve got a voice don’t you? Then let Her hear you sing! Draping Lightning Of The Thunder Beings Eye cast down upon we. You want some money Magick? Learn how to milk the Gods Dickie while you suck on Gaia's titty, not by asking for some pennies as the Man looms over the cell in your prison, but raising your Being to tap into the state of sweet Ecstasy, Fucking from Above, the Gods draping Sexy. Come Love, come Love, seducing Sex with Thee majesty!

I’m going to Bed.

Oh yes won’t you take me, to the black, sweet vast abyss, where all fades away from the day and we may see these WhiTe walls shimmering so playfully around the Eye see speaking in Fantasy land the candy man peeping Tom into my dreams, darling I’ll see you when you wake from the dream baby cradling in obscene.