47: The Map

He handed me a book, with crinkly, weathered pages stained by god knows what liquids of whiskey steeped psychedelic vomit  slurred upon iT in the time of his possession. As I squinted my eyes to see through the layers of stain, my breath dropped. On the cover was a figure of a man in black in white pulling back a curtain, and from the curtain emerged an Exploding Multiverse of Vibrant Abstraction- Intricately crafted forms weaving through bleeding color together, colliding worlds in a maddening ocean of magnificent Chaos intertwined with effortless Grace and Order, flooding a world of Grey. In the Midst of the abstraction, collaging with all the color, intertwined yet unmistakably unique, read "The InviTation"

I opened the front cover. iT was black with light white, maze-like patterns dancing around three lines creating a triangle

Everything speaks if you talk to iT

Until the quiet comes

Winky Face: All unfolds from the diary of the madman

Bleeding into the other page, the form of black and white, twisted and contorted itself, fragmenting off in different colors like a far more elaborate Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" Album cover, with colors morphing worlds within their lines.

Flooding through the pages were blended  images of someone who looked similar to me, though with a slight blur on the film making faces of the entire spectrum- from cute, gay, loving, sexy to absolutely horrific screaming, and pain all woven together. Some of the pictures could be intense on their own, but the way they were fused with the opposite end of the spectrum pulled my gut into knots. Beautifully Disturbed

I flip the page again and eye hear my heart's echo reverberating through my chest. One figure Cast in the Same kind of Abstractions as the last, and within it I see,  The boy in these images is me. I'm hit by a tsunami of emotion, and I I begin hearing my own screams, memories flood through me taking the photos. I remember clicking my camera and erupting into it, scene by scene. I remember the walls of the bathroom with the mirror behind and mirror in front of me. I even see the Abstraction unfolding iTself from the tip of my pen, my hand, my body; but I've never made anything like this before.

My hands are cold and wet as a shake my head madly to wake out of the dream. But I'm wide awake.

He snagged the book from my hands with surprising speed and accuracy given his level of intoxication.

"All righhht all riggghhht that's enough. I need you to write iT again for me JJ." He said with eyes glaring up from his downward tilted face, and cockeyed puckered lips. That look of crazy so deep within his eye.

I looked at him blankly.

"The Map. I need you to create another map or we're never going to get out of this damn hole."

What the hell are you talking about? What Map?

He looked off to the side and began whispering to the air.
What? He doesn't know? Nothing? Goddamn we're really starting from zero. Oh this'll be fun. Bahahahaahhahahaha