46: The Room

A record is playing as I enter the room, arrayed in artifacts blending global cultures of the Ancient Future arranged seamlessly together as if each piece were in communication with another and one could follow the entire dialogue through the room as a traveler walking through time, stepping through the doorways of cultural emblems- paintings, writings, and images- where the work of the Masters is interstrewn with children's, scribblings of alchemy drawn in crayon. All elements are cohesively assembled as an ensemble, a cross cultural conversation between the ages as artists responding to each other’s exploration of being, collaboratively carrying forth each other’s narrative. All of the imagery twinkles with eyes myseriously alive as Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, slightly too visceral to be a still painting. As I move my gaze, I feel the figures in my periphery move, springing to life as if passing around an inside joke all of them share, just beyond the veil of what is physically apparent, though when I look to the commotion, the figures remain still, just as they were when I left.