44: iQuestions

There is a war going on beneath the seas of consciousness, a war of ideas. The Resisistance is an army fighting to be seen, to shed light upon the crippling belief.

The City is on fire, as the fire brews in a smoldering toxicity, so small in simplicity, invisibly deafening.

What are these chains around my body, shackling me to the complacensy, an inability to call forth reason to move in consistency, a falling from the call to ritual. contemplation. Disconnection. Walking towards iT is never really there. What is the question of our evading? What are you actually saying? Where is the story? Where is the Faith to Believe in myself, in my ability to call forth the Vessel? Where is the Body, the masculinity? Why have I attracted a lover who diminishes my masculinity? A Lover who won't make love to me as I wouldn't he? A Lover so difficult to breathe with in Creation though so much so very alive within iT? A Lover so far from me upon the wage of the Currency, Summoning the Ship to Our Dreams? Why do I say so much but never have the words to speak?  Why am I in Poverty? Why can't I formulate a way to speak in a conversation which is here for people upon earth, integrating with Her? What part of me abandons you still? Where is the Flow? Why is iT so hard to know what it means to arrive to you? Why do I feel so disconnected from myself and what I do? Why do all these scenes feel like shit? Why has nobody ever seen me? Why do I refuse to be seen? Why do I hide? Why do I disconnect from the magick? Why disconnect from my body? Why is this okay? Why does this hurt so quietly, softly, subtly? Why is the ClariTy so Fleeting, Misleading?

The boy's dream is to Create a Magazine, a multimedial playground training Creatures of the Jungle making Love to the Earth. The Story emerges to life, seed by seed, piece by piece composing symphony in story scene.

How do I Create this production, speaking a story which makes Love to Earth through Culture? How do I support this Self through Creation? How do I create a monetary stream to eat, travel, and Be? How do I create in a way which Resonates with We? How do I create with the Story? What is the Story? Where are we? What is Hear in this Dream Arising? What is the missing Piece? Where is the Call of the Wild? What is the Weaving Dream? Who is the Character, the Creature of Flourishing?

What is the Oppressing Belief? Why are you closeting? Why do you run from me, combusting in my hand?

What is Our RiTual of War? Standing upon the Shoulders of Giants.


And so She Replies, Eye the ÆøN who Breathes en through the Music.