43: Sacrifice in Blue

She stands atop a cliff, arms spread wide over the landscapeas she raises her chest, heart out, open to Feel the Sky.  I feel her in my hands, she is inside my cradling, Come Alive. Eye expand my hands, and like the toymakers unfolding creation, her energy stirs, expands, and enters a dancing chaos as she releases a cry, hearing her freedom call.

She says my body feels blue. I wrote to you today but never spoke to you. sad. She asks me how I feel in body. I say insecure with a resonance of  acceptance and defeat. How perfectly she says to me. Only from the acceptance can we see. Have you given up on me or is this how we try something we've never before? What if the direction of the war is disengaging?

Lover, please help me. Calling out to the Universe, Mentor, coach. Come Train me. Eye Am Ready to Sacrifice iT All for YøÛ.