41: Satelight

We sit in the room together, Porangui in center, each of us very talented musicians within our own accord. Together, we compose the entirety of His surrounding, Loopscape, painting the entire scene, every element of his instrumentation, and so much more, Alive within us, Collective. We begin to play with each other, for each other, and as we fall into the flow, smiles glow upon our faces, we re-orient ourselves to face out, towards the crowd, a group of people slowly gathering to hear we set iT Free.

A girl rides the tram wires on a bed of entangled lights. She is mesmerizing to watch fligh through the streets, glowing so effortlessly, carefree, jovially. She appears to be making deliveries, zipping around town, like a spirit in the night who goes unseen beside the rippling of flow and feeling she passes around. I see her, Feel her, Love Her.

A girl, the same girl so spirited away, now blonde hair, dirty face, ragged clothing, stands outside a shop, talking to a few of us. She says shes from Arkansas, just got here, doesn't really know anybody. Came here to free herself from the mess unfolding down there. She's a witch, young lover from LiB, so beautifully yet to be in touch with her own beauty, her power.

Outside, a restaurant, so many people sitting down beside the street, my grandmother gets shot. I begin to scream out for help to everyone around asking for a ride to the hospital. Everyone looks at me, then looks away, continuing their meal after the interruption. One woman finishing her meal slowly says she'll drive. I give her my keys. She takes her time. I ask another place, so many spaces, as things beign to change why we've come. I ask my keys back from the woman, and she gives me a few, with many left away. I prod her for more, dancing as a game rather than acusation or frustration, hinting and alluding, grooving. She returns them all, a large ring, so many keys, similar and all slightly differentiating, as they could be singularly replaced by the One with all the composing nooks.

We created a being out of blood and bone to lead us through the catacombs were black in white with infiniTy in between. Our destination was clear, but the maze eternally rearranging. The Brother of Stone said to let go, release everything including hope for a dawning sun. Walk with Faith in Every motion. The Dragon flies through thought, beneath the sea of speaking. Already we Reside inside the Journey's Completion. We walk through the Maze, passing through cities cast ablaze, and in the fire are freedom fighters as dancing flames, cascading through the spaces unseen to a systemically blinded humanity. A small child asked me "what are you doing to save the world?" I play chess in my room analyzing the entirety once demonizing, free the deciding who moves from here and Now in Tune. Foresight. Farcry. Eagle Eye.