37: Days in Sun

Exit a day in dissaray within a call to fall through chaos. Leachy. Cant shaken skin from my feet. Suffocating. I can't see with her boa, baby pawing baby, not so cute anymore why am I here anymore fuck filtration. Fuck your conversation. Fuck your ideology, but listen with an open heart, receiving especially when you're wrong, there is something. Fly. Began finally feeling free just after leaving your vicinity yes you the only one i can speak to. Painting Worlds in Tides as the ocean. Speak to the friends in coffee free flow at sea letting me be free in lo fi instrumentally faciliTating me, if only id had you back in the day, Odin, Try Thor, I inviTe you to InhabiT my body entirely Beethoven said the point of being human is to come as close as we can to the Divinity and spread its rays for the human race. Music is a revelation superior to all wisdom and philosophy. Today was True Animation, Freely unfolding you through body baby Alivening. i ilke this space, here without words just the visual unfolding Narrative, storyboard speaking scripture in scene, iT is clearly time to create boundaries, for me, fuck you company. I have a mission here DigiTalien Nomadism. Haven't even spoken to it about you. Tongues of venom. I find iT funny they've never really liked you, than why lay inside me? Why are you slowing me down? Why bother? Cut iT from the throat watch iT bleed out. One space I poured everything, ever dream, SingulariTy. And Now Eye reside in the Future looking beyond the behind, terrified of something jumping out of the blackness, they're already around me, everything I was ever afraid of and so much more is all surrounding now as im relaxing into iT. Release. Free Speak. What is iT you Need from me?